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With respect to the "censorship" discussion that's been going on recently, what does everyone think about an opt-out simple filter so that those who prefer not to see such things don't have to, and those who value truly-free speech can have it their way as well?
truly free speech doesn't exist. if it did, you'd be able to post links to illicit pornography, solicit prostitution, or sell drugs on here. even when limiting the notion to things that are legal, keep in mind that only ASCII characters are allowed on here so we're limited bu language too. i agree that an optional filter should be available. though maybe someone should just make a browser add-on for it instead.
I am the filter. Fear my wrath.
The filter on HN is opt out, and I think very few people do opt out, making it, in practice, very similar to not having an opt out.
What do you think it is about human nature that causes the eternal September effect?
erosion of community norms, due to an influx of new users faster than they can be integrated with the existing community
The originial sin of the internt: perception of anonymity. You're either smart enough to have it or dumb enough not to care.
The social part of our animal natures. We just looooove (as in need) to have everyone's attention.
there's an interesting essay on internet communities called 'otters v possums' (I'd link it if I could). Basically the ideas that there are groups of people with strong opinions who prefer to keep community cultures niche. They build said culture, and it becomes successful and fun, which attracts the type who dont care as much about keeping that culture consistent. Eventually, theres a critical mass of people who aren't there for the same reasons as the founders
Regression to the mean. A small population can have unusual values, norms, preferences, or abilities. As the population gets larger, it will tend to return to the average.
Humans crave stability AND novelty. These conflicting desires drive them to first create new things, then want to keep those things exactly how they are. Same effect as everyone wants a city to remain exactly how they found it when they first moved there.
too many people ruins the community feel. My fav social media/subreddit things are those that only fit a small niche
This sure has a really cool feel to it and I hope it gets a little more popular, but not too popular.
You mean just perfectly popular?
MySpace without the clout popular?
Let's hope it gets at least popular enough so we can later brag about being here when this still wasn't popular...