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💣 Zoid I finally got my i3 config setup just the way I want it... it only took a week. Now I'm looking at switching to Suckless DWM. What's wrong with me?
🧔 Justin Ha. I used to do with distros. That changed when I broke my installation by accident a couple times and the fatigue of repeated configuration that I didn't choose to do made me want stability above all. I settled on a well customized gnome, but I've been thinking about trying out dwm for some time now too. I think it's partly fueled by all the small gripes I have with the MacBook I use for work that I can't fix.
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😏 Yt L. Why is subreply so positive compared to Twitter which is often negative? Is it purely like and retweet counts? Number of users?
🧔 Justin Speaking for myself, because it's a nice change of pace and I'd like it to stay that way. A bit of positivity momentum, I guess.
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Ganesh Khade What colorscheme do you use with your code editor, dark or a light one?
🧔 Justin Brogrammer, because it's vibrant and I love contrast. I use the scheme everywhere
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☝️ Jean-David Moisan You can delete replies to you, that should be good enough in most cases.
🧔 Justin Really? That seems like a bad idea
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Daedalus Too much effort on a laptop, no?
🧔 Justin I can't speak to that, I've only ever installed on a desktop before. I think there are dedicated guides, though
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👂 Sly Feedback thread: The minimalist aspect of subreply is actually pretty good, but i think missing some features might make it hard for some to follow/start meaneanful conversation.| The first feature that comes to mind is multi-line support with [shift + enter].| The second one is an edit button or a way to reply on your own thread.| The third one is the highlight of new replies in the replies tab.| the fourth would be collapsible threads.| finally, 480 characters per reply is
🧔 Justin I prefer self reply to edits, but I agree with every other point you've made. Especially post length.
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💣 Zoid Anyone familiar with Manjaro Linux? Trying to decide what distro to install on my new (to me) laptop.
🧔 Justin If you can manage it, I'd say just install Arch. Much easier to deal with newer software and the wiki is killer.
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⌨️ Joseph Right now I just have a giant text file under version control. I'm in the middle of switching to org mode now though.
🧔 Justin I prefer a simple text file as well. Saved as a yaml for a bit of syntax highlighting and it's as good as I feel I need
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Runlevelrobot Well I am having issues with the screen not redrawing after i issue say the clear command. I have to click on the window for it to refresh
🧔 Justin It might be an issue with your terminal and not tmux, have you reproduced it another terminal?
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👾 Marty You can choose one streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). Which one do you choose and why?
🧔 Justin Youtube is the only video content I watch these days. I'd probably be more productive if you took it away from me, too.
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📀 Rob What do you guys know about fitness? How does someone get "celebrity" fit?
🧔 Justin A prescription for adderall and a gym membership
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🍃 Matt Harwood Does it need to build in to _anything_? Cannot it not just be what it is, without needing to be cultured and monetised? Like how things used to be...
🧔 Justin Small is fine, but too small and a few popular folks leaving could mean everyone leaving. Gotta find that happy medium
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🔚 Bort Simpson Agreed. I don't understand why Google and other companies don't ban certain words / phrases from the internet entirely. There is NO REASON why saying hurtful things should be protected by ANY 'Constitution,' anywhere. All you're doing is enabling violence and white supremacy, just like this website.
🧔 Justin How long does the same joke remain humorous?
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🤔 David I believe that if enough of us pushed for a blocklist on offensive names then we'd get a response.
🧔 Justin There is one. The guy had his name changed but now repeatedly subverts it.
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🌊 Zero Two subreply does not have a clear focus. Unlike a subreddit where people are seeking a specific type of content. rn it just feels like one big chat room with little common topics. IDK if that is a good or bad thing.
🧔 Justin I like that you can start a conversation about anything, and it doesn't depend on finding an article on that topic first.
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📎 Bill Gatess Arch Linux at home and MacOS at work. To be honest, I have never been able to be productive on Windows.
🧔 Justin Identical setup for me. I had an internship a few years ago where I had to use Windows and the lack of productivity enabling features was very frustrating. MacOS isn't a ton better in this regard, though.. why isn't "always on top" a feature on every platform?
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