Software Engineer Intern ~ 25y old
Daedalus Got my first feedback after a failed interview. Have you received any?
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😃 Javier Yes, it said, "I did not looked excited". I am glad they rejected me. I would have been on me If they have accepted me and then I wanted to leave because they were too much of a jolly bunch.
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Daedalus All my internship applications are being rejected or ghosted, with prior experience. What am I doing wrong? International Student in the US though.
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Nick Silvestri Just how the game works sometimes. I expect >90% of my applications to be outright rejected or ghosted. It's probably even harder nowadays given all of the everything happening.
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🧔 Justin If you can manage it, I'd say just install Arch. Much easier to deal with newer software and the wiki is killer.
Daedalus Too much effort on a laptop, no?
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💸 Jumar Martin It's weird seeing my friends get into better institutions than I did and still make the same mistake that I did; not going to the best institution available. The "prestige trap" of T20 universities is real and while I try to go against the grain, I probably would be wrapping up an internship now and not doing GSoC or building a CourseTable clone for my uni.
Daedalus Could you elaborate?
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Kaspars I am concerned how clueless Imperial unit system users are. Minutes, nor months are measured in 'm'.
Daedalus I am from Myanmar and the struggle is real. We even have our own measurement units!
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Van Le Instrumental of pop songs
Daedalus is there a search term/playlist for it or do you just search "instrumental <pop song>"?
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Huw Taking as an example. If enhanced tracking protection is on I get an error while trying to login. I don't particularly place the blame on Firefox but it's still annoying.
Daedalus Hmm, that's odd. I haven't come across such a thing for other sites. I don't know about fiverr though.
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Huw Switched from Chrome to Firefox recently. Enjoying it but find it difficult to balance having stricter privacy settings and being able to log in to websites easily.
Daedalus Can you elaborate how it is harder through Firefox?
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🗜️ Mx If you want to *really* learn to code, pick a simple text editor. The only way to learn is to write your code yourself, not using the automated help of an IDE. IDEs are also slow and clumsy. If your code editor requires you to use the mouse, you're off to a bad start as a professional programmer.
Daedalus sounds a lot like gate keeping.
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Stoyan Zhekov Depends on what is your goal. Vim is great if you are going to work on servers (system administration) - pretty much every UNIX derivate have a version on vi by default. For programming - VS Code - modern IDE, good support, frequent updates. Sublime is an editor, while VS code is an IDE, so comparison is not very fare. Atom... better stay away - wrapper around Chrome, making it looks like an editor...
Daedalus Most would say VScode is an editor that is approaching IDE level features. But still an editor nonetheless. Do you mean Visual Studio?
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Ganesh Khade What do you recommend, Vim, Sublime Text or VS Code for a newbie? I used to recommed VS Code, but everyone I recommend complained about, how slow it was than Sublime Text.
Daedalus vs code. Felt nothing slow. Extensions are so good.
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🗿 Simohamed Yes. HN-style where only OP gets to see the amount of likes. It's a good way to acknowledge people's replies.
Daedalus That's a good idea. Only the makers of the text see the amount of likes.
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🛡️ Cyrano How is it? My friend (who uses Java) says a lot of good things about Kotlin
Daedalus I am new to it. I come from using Java primarily . A lot of things just make sense and read so well. Much less verbose.
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🤙 Adam 99 Maybe a way to like things?
Daedalus won't a "like" feature kinda introduce public pressure?
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🦄 Chip Uni Lots of us here are programmers. What's your favorite programming language, and why?
Daedalus currently Kotlin
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