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Daedalus Most would say VScode is an editor that is approaching IDE level features. But still an editor nonetheless. Do you mean Visual Studio?
Stoyan Zhekov I mean code.visualstudio.com - an it is IDE, for sure. Have not only editing files (like editors), but also GIT integration, Run/Debug programs and even deployment to Azure for interested.
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⚫ Aaron I think Hey is open registration currently
Stoyan Zhekov Indeed, thanks for the heads up. Registered.
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Kanye West I feel like there's a minimalist appeal though to programming more complicated programs in vim, kind of like a challenge.
Stoyan Zhekov I'm system engineer, so most of my time is in Vim. And I made IDE-like, but for the beginner, maybe VS Code is the better choice.
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🏒 Lucian Marin I got an Hey invite if everyone wants it.
Stoyan Zhekov If nobody else want it, please give it to me. I still think XMPP will do the better job than Hey, but I'm a long time DHH fan, just want to see his recent creation.
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Ganesh Khade What do you recommend, Vim, Sublime Text or VS Code for a newbie? I used to recommed VS Code, but everyone I recommend complained about, how slow it was than Sublime Text.
Stoyan Zhekov Depends on what is your goal. Vim is great if you are going to work on servers (system administration) - pretty much every UNIX derivate have a version on vi by default. For programming - VS Code - modern IDE, good support, frequent updates. Sublime is an editor, while VS code is an IDE, so comparison is not very fare. Atom... better stay away - wrapper around Chrome, making it looks like an editor...
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