Pushing pixels that push the business forward
🏒 Lucian Marin In the original Figma design they looked just like this. It takes a bit of work to match the same style with SVG and CSS.
⚫ Aaron Once I noticed them, I went and inspected to see how they were done. I can appreciate you taking the time to dial in all the properties to get them to render like this.
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⚫ Aaron Updated sidebar icons look nice!
🏒 Lucian Marin In the original Figma design they looked just like this. It takes a bit of work to match the same style with SVG and CSS.
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🌊 Zero Two Water only gang
⚫ Aaron respect
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⚫ Aaron Cold brew and rendering a composition of particles. Hope your Sunday is off to a good start.
❄️ Geoff Always cold brew
🌊 Zero Two Water only gang
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Deep How do you manage your read list? Where do you bookmark things to read? I have been using readup.com and it's been amazing for deep reading an entire article and then share your views.
⚫ Aaron I dump it all into Notion using their bookmarklet. It doesn't always work great though if I forget to tag something. Going to check out readup.
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🧉 Martin I really appreciate podcast hosts who: 1) Allow guests to speak without interrupting them too often. 2) Don't add noise like "uh-huh, yeah, etc." during the conversation. 3) Are constantly aware of the listening experience and ensure it's smooth. P.S. Can I coin LX now?
⚫ Aaron "yes I'm the CLXO of my company."
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🧉 Martin I did something similar recently - a complex SVG animation - before realising I hated it and threw it away. Good luck, sounds like you have your work cut out.
⚫ Aaron it takes the patience of a monk. I have tons of respect for people who do it really well. hope you make progress on your language learning app too.
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❄️ Geoff Autre temps by Alcest has been a go-to heavy song to build to
⚫ Aaron I just got around to listening to this and it's awesome
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🧹 Tom Bell Just placed an order for a new MacBook Pro 13", picking it up Sunday.
⚫ Aaron Congrats. Big upgrade for you?
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🧉 Martin So, what's everyone up to today? In my remaining few months of "funemployment", I'm working on a language-learning app idea and hoping to get something out there before I run out of time.
⚫ Aaron working on a very long product demo animation. tight deadline. not looking forward to a late night. I even woke up early (4:00am) to get a headstart on it and I'm not sure it'll allow me to get to bed at a sensible hour this evening
🧨 Stephen Coley The newest would be the latest Code Orange album. Some others I rotate often though are Converge, The Bled, Fear Before, Cult Leader, Oathbreaker, Leeched, etc...
⚫ Aaron I was recently turned onto Code Orange. So good. Converge and The Bled are staples. Haven't heard of Leeched. Going to check that out right now.
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🧨 Stephen Coley Anything from metalcore to hiphop to soundtracks to dreampunk. Sometimes I'll put on one of my favorite horror movies.
⚫ Aaron what kind of metalcore have you been bumping lately?
🧉 Martin Spent the last 30 minutes hacking the CSS for Subreply. Pretty happy with the result: i.imgur.com/xTkt6i.... It's not pretty, but let me know if anyone wants the CSS. PS: I blame :)
⚫ Aaron This turned out nice! Definitely would like to get my hands on it :)
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🤬 Foobar Access to the API
⚫ Aaron oh yeah!
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🔚 Bort Simpson subreply.com is a fascist, racist hive of angry white incel nerds. you're on the wrong side of history
⚫ Aaron best novelty account so far
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👁️ Mbladra Pay for WinRAR
⚫ Aaron so brave
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