Pushing pixels that push the business forward
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Updated sidebar icons look nice!
In the original Figma design they looked just like this. It takes a bit of work to match the same style with SVG and CSS.
Cold brew and rendering a composition of particles. Hope your Sunday is off to a good start.
Running subreply in something like Flotato makes it a perfect little companion app: flotato.com
Very cool, never heard of flotato before
Any music threads yet? What song or album have you been listening to lately that you can't get enough of?
Autre temps by Alcest has been a go-to heavy song to build to
I went into this pandemic thinking it was going to be the perfect opportunity to learn something new. I had aspirations to do as much. It just resulted in me working harder than I did when I had an office to go into haha
oh man, overwork during WFH is so real. I find there's no physical sense of an on/off switch like there is when you have to commute.
i just need to organize my time and energy on something useful but not too much to burn out... still have not found the right balance yet.