B2B SaaS business model junkey
benchmarkhq.io ~ 34 years old in United States
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Thinking through personal success in a Supply & Demand framework... 1. As you become more successful demand for your time shifts right 2. In an efficient market more suppliers would enter to meet this demand. But your time is fixed quantity (excluding ability to hire team) 3. So supply needs to shift left to maintain same quantity 4. The result is an increase in your time's price driven by both S&D 5. What is your time's price? Your threshold for saying "yes" to something
What's the theory behind prohibiting replying to your own thread ?
Threw me for a loop at first, now I like the simplification of it.
It also applies to your own comments, which means you can't circumvent the character limit until someone responds to you. So, you could create a second account, reply with a period, then continue on with your main account. I'm not a fan of that aspect of the site and I think the character limit should be increased by a good margin. Everyone here seems to have something interesting to say and I don't want that to be stifled.
there is nothing like having an imgur(example) account-then having some keyboard warrior replying to a "silly" post with 15-comments which is a 2500-word thesis on why you shouldnt let your image be on the internet comment/break/comment/comment/break and it's only ONE person...and they down vote your profile into oblivion(like reddit brigadoing)
What browser is everyone using these days? Anyone on Microsoft Edge?
Yeh I'm trying it out a bit.
Firefox for privacy reasons. Support the underdogs, chromium based browsers already have a monopoly.
I'm using Firefox
I'm on Safari right now. The best browser for macOS in my opinion, since it is heavily optimised for that platform.
At this time I'm using Ungoogled Chromium. An excellent comparison of web browser privacy is available at the following address: spyware.neocities....
Firefox with DNS over TLS, HTTPS enabled.
Firefox, and Vivaldi on my phone and netbook (LXLE).
Firefox mostly. Sometimes I use the new edge though.
Firefox and Vivaldi/Brave when I need a Chrome based browser
Firefox, but Brave is an improved Chrome.
mostly Brave these days I'd love to go back to Firefox, though
I use ChromeOS so i use Chrome and Opera Mini for android
chrome, for much the same reason i buy government bonds
am enjoying new edge it uses less ram from my experience
Firefox + uBlock Origin + uMatrix + NoScript. medium.com/@Priem1...
Switched from Chrome to Firefox recently. Enjoying it but find it difficult to balance having stricter privacy settings and being able to log in to websites easily.
Brave. I really wish Safari supported multiple user profiles so I could give it a try!
rocking ie11 for the nostalgia
Firefox - Personal Use. Chrome - Work.
Opera in my chromebook. Oh the irony!
Chrome and Firefox
IE 6 - my only true love <3
Edge is actually pretty good.
Firefox for almost everything private at my (Linux) laptop, Chromium for everything work related (we're using GSuite anyways), Firefox Beta on my (Android) phone. Similar to your setup I guess.
Firefox. The container feature is perfect for multiple AWS accounts.
Firefox ofcourse
Iridium for never clearing cache, Chrome Canary for no cache at all / random browsing, Blisk for mobile QA. Brave and Firefox feel too sluggish but I gather they're the superior security/privacy choices. Tor VPN for darkweb.
firefox would be best ,i alwyas had a distaste toward Microsoft browsers.. btw findingthings.xyz/... has a list of IT tools
Chromium for browsing, Chrome for streaming services
Brave. Idk why but Firefox never stuck for me even though I've tried a few times.
firefox (ublock origin, vimium, bypass paywalls clean)
recently switched to brave from chrome and im never looking back
I have it installed on macOS, just to be hip, but haven't opened it yet
Still on Chrome, but switching to Brave.
Firefox Developer Edition! mozilla.org/en-US/...
Firefox with strict user.js))
I use, and quite like, the EdgeHTML version of Edge on my work PC. I haven't used the new, Chromium-powered version.
I use Edge on my laptop at home, Chrome at work.
Firefox for privacy reasons as others have said
Vivaldi, for the tiling tabs, tabs group, and panel tabs which I use to dock chat app like WhatsApp
What will make people stay engaged here? For me, probably finding a group of people talking about things I'm interested in. How do you do that? Wonder if channels or sub-subreplys will become a thing
As long as there is activity I'll probably hang around, but I totally agree that if there is a way to browse and curate specific topics that would make it real sticky. I guess 'saved' kinda serves as that right now.
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His first post appears to be 51 weeks ago? This is very interesting
The simplicity of this site takes me back to web dev in the 2000s, it is calming
I get the same vibes. I also miss everyone having their own site/blog with its unique design. Comments sections just lit up. Good times.
What are these emoji statuses? Why do they need to be unique?
Hello world.