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⌨️ Joseph Any good recommendations for an RSS reader? I'm trying to curb my mindless scrolling of things like Reddit and HN. I'm on iOS for mobile if that matters.
❄️ Geoff Check out mailbrew.com been a game changer to get all the content I'm interested in packaged up and sent in a nice tidy email to me
⚫ Aaron Cold brew and rendering a composition of particles. Hope your Sunday is off to a good start.
❄️ Geoff Thinking through personal success in a Supply & Demand framework... 1. As you become more successful demand for your time shifts right 2. In an efficient market more suppliers would enter to meet this demand. But your time is fixed quantity (excluding ability to hire team) 3. So supply needs to shift left to maintain same quantity 4. The result is an increase in your time's price driven by both S&D 5. What is your time's price? Your threshold for saying "yes" to something
👂 Sly What is your note taking method/workflow ? And what tools do you use ?
❄️ Geoff Mostly using Notion now. Was on Roam but wasn't worth paying for IMO. I like the non-linear aspect of it, but I think you also need to organize better than they enable. I built a back-linking type ability into Notion. Typically goes in this order Raw notes (on the content I consume) -> Reference notes (take-aways in my own words) -> Mental models (usually piecing together reference notes to create a heuristic)
🥝 Mr This website makes me realize that I've been trained to "reward" others for posting online. I feel an uncontrollable urge to "upvote" or "like" comments but quickly realize the button isn't available.
❄️ Geoff Definitely a feature that it's missing
🧉 Martin Things I like about Subreply: we don't have a bunch of celebs right now unknowingly trying to get us to send money to a scam BTC address (which has already received over $110k).
❄️ Geoff Is this the start of the Twitter exodus?
That Man I was of the same opinion as that of the OP and had given up on news of any kind for the past three months. But your world view puts things from a different perspective and think makes sense. Thank you for putting it up here. But thinking on a meta level, is it again not just giving up as to where and how the world is moving by saying it's out of our control?
❄️ Geoff It's not really about controlling where the world is moving. It's about controlling your emotions towards it. Worrying is exhausting so I pick the top 3 - 5 most important things in my life and try to influence those things. And let the rest go. Can't bend everything to your will
⚫ Aaron I just got around to listening to this and it's awesome
❄️ Geoff Nice! If you want more their most popular songs on Spotify are all pretty good
Ganesh Khade Tea or Coffee?
🧉 Martin Working from a coffee shop for the first time in 17 weeks.
🪓 Carlos Cortes Just text is amazing, it would be cool if people can look for communities or stuff like that
❄️ Geoff +1 on making communities easier to organize around
🌊 Zero Two subreply does not have a clear focus. Unlike a subreddit where people are seeking a specific type of content. rn it just feels like one big chat room with little common topics. IDK if that is a good or bad thing.
❄️ Geoff I think this format organized around subtopics Could be really popular
🤔 Dave There is an interesting project (axios.com) which tries to uphold some of the old ideals of journalism. Sadly it's very US centric. It would be nice if there was an european alternative to that.
❄️ Geoff Love Axios' podcasts - used to listen to Pro Rata podcast daily. Now listening to Re:Cap
😏 Yt L. Reading the news often makes me frustrated and angry, and I really can't do anything about what the news is reporting on. Considering giving it up entirely and purposefully avoiding the news.
❄️ Geoff I realized that I get frustrated because the world is not working the way I think it should work. But that's not the world's problem. The world is just the world. It's a problem with my perception of how the world should work. So really I can control this frustration, because it's my problem. Re-framing it that way has helped me
🤔 David If your browser supports extensions then you may be able to find a custom CSS extension. For example, on Firefox you can use Stylus
🔻 Trinity it actually is intentional, or at least used to be: web.archive.org/we...
❄️ Geoff Glad there are no ads
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