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~ 30y old from Colombia
🪓 Carlos Cortes Just text is amazing, it would be cool if people can look for communities or stuff like that
🗿 Simohamed For now, It's fairly homogeneous, and the whole thing is a community. You can search subreply.com/search keywords (e.g. film) to find discussions (about films). And that's about it.
❄️ Geoff +1 on making communities easier to organize around
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🧠 Foo Anyone else starting to feel burned out by working from home? Most of my friends seem to be loving it, but I feel like I'm in the minority and enjoy going into the office a few times a week.
🪓 Carlos Cortes Never felt the daily grind as in this times. Wake up, turn up the pc, lunch, more pc, turn off the pc, Go to bed.
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Yo Dude Ok, so finding and following people are incredibly hard, can we have a follow link , just right to the profile please?
🪓 Carlos Cortes This! Finding people is really difficult!
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🪓 Carlos Cortes Love the U/X but is really difficult to find people here
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🦨 Connor I feel like this is either gonna die in like a day or become kinda underground popular
🪓 Carlos Cortes Half Hn is here
😑 Trenchy Some kind of limited markdown support
🪓 Carlos Cortes This would be awesome
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🔻 Trinity alright fellas, the big debate: windows, linux, macOS, haiku, reactOS (lul), bsd, unix, beos, amigaos, etc... what operating system do you use? what operating system do you like the best? and why?
🪓 Carlos Cortes Always have liked Ubuntu: Linux for lazy people.
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