🦨 Connor I feel like this is either gonna die in like a day or become kinda underground popular
Babe yea maybe, but i feel like it has a chance to blow up
🧞 Bit I don't understand why I like it but I do. I wonder if it might pick up simply because of that
🪓 Carlos Cortes Half Hn is here
Niccolo Machiavelli Will we cross the chasm? Time will tell
😒 Isoprep Been a couple of minutes since I signed up, and I like the simplicity of it. As you said, I don't know if this place will be this active tomorrow, but let's wait and see. Hopefully, this becomes like a hub for discussion and such.
🍞 Shan I kinda like this, it's the right amount of simple. Not too schuttlebutt media simple, or fyreplace extravagant
Gorky Park I give it 12 hours
🗨️ Fui Head or tails. You can't fail there.
2y, 29w reply
🦨 Connor Thank you deven very cool
2y, 29w reply
🦨 Connor What even is this
🐡 Damian B. Wack way of communication
Niccolo Machiavelli this is "this", if you were looking for "it", this is not.
2y, 29w reply
Babe id say im forced to be here
2y, 29w reply