🧞 Bit I''ve been staying with my grandparents for so long that eating a sandwich and a glass of juice for dinner felt so wrong
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Diva I used to think that listening to audio books was "cheating" somehow; I don't really know why. But I am currently listening to a non-fiction book and I am really enjoying it. How do you feel about audio books?
🧞 Bit They're great! If there's a book I want to re-read, I often find myself picking up the audiobook instead. It feels like going through the same content with a different perspective and is really fun imo
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Diva For the first time ever, I had my temperature checked before I was allowed to enter a building. I was pleased to see the staff wearing shields, masks and gloves too. I felt reassured. Is this a common experience for you? Do you feel protected or annoyed with these measures?
🧞 Bit There's quite a lot of places around here that check temperature. The local supermarket even did it for a while when things were at their peak. I still see it being done at office buildings a lot. My workplace (although I haven't been there in months) has been using a thermal camera instead of the tempgun at the access control gates
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🏛️ Brandon Pittman I spend way too much time thinking about Tailwind.
🧞 Bit CSS or are you just an aircraft junkie?
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🧞 Bit You know things are bleak when "R.I.P." is trending on twitter and it's mostly people grieving friends, family and local celebrities
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Burensasub I had to delete my Twitter app (at least for now) because it was getting to be too much for me
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Felix What are you currently reading? I need inspirations
🧞 Bit Dune. It's a great book and the time I spend at home now made me feel less intimidated at the size
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😇 Jesus Christ the UI for followers is confusing, it actually behaves like a notification badge
🧞 Bit Seems to double as notification and a follower list depending on when you click it
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😇 Jesus Christ I'm thinking of turning it into a WaaS business (wine as a service)
🧞 Bit A WaaSm extension?
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✝️ Jerrod Gamotan Have you read the Bible? If so, does prophecy comport to Jesus Christ being on Subreply? If so, share with me the Scripture please.
🧞 Bit "Hey it's me Jesus, welcome welcome everyone." jesus/ews
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🌚 Cosmo hello world!
🧞 Bit hello cosmo
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🧞 Bit Apparently you can't reply to a subreply that you have already replied to.
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☕ David Antoine Yes, it is one reply at the time and one hashtag and/or mention per post. But you can post 5 times in a raw...
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🤘 Jasko this reads confusingly. "Go is 3X-4X C++ speed" sounds like go is 3-4x faster than C++. But I stared hard enough to realize you probably meant Go is slower. I hope.
🧞 Bit I think meant execution time when they said 'speed'
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Xyz go is not really close to C++ in terms of performance compared to Rust.; go is often around 3x-4x C++ speed, rust is on par with C++: Compare on benchmarksgame-tea...
🧞 Bit Oh wow, didn't realize it was that significant. Thanks.
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🧞 Bit This was one of the rare times that I signed up quick enough to pick a username of my choosing
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📉 Bill I think part of the draw here, tonight especially, is everyone signing up with sick usernames
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Senthil Nayagan I want to learn one of these (Rust, Nim, Go) modern programming languages which are close/equivalent to C/C++ performance. I understand that Go got much better ecosystems, I mean, the libraries, but heard that Rust is better than Go in terms of better type safety and less chance of getting runtime exceptions. Nim also exists for a while and it is not known to many of us! Wondering which one to be best general purpose programming language - Go, Nim and Rust?
🧞 Bit i'd go with go, syntactically more straightforward and pretty widely used across domains. No wrong answer though
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🦨 Connor I feel like this is either gonna die in like a day or become kinda underground popular
🧞 Bit I don't understand why I like it but I do. I wonder if it might pick up simply because of that
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