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🌚 Nlggers I don't attribute malice to censors (moderators) I believe the practice of censorship is itself illegitimate. I believe the censors are doing what they believe is right. That said I think we are stuck in a process of ever shrinking freedom - that what we are permitted to say is shrinking. Have a look at Hagelian dialectics. It has in no small part influenced my thinking on this subject.
Xyz His name is Hegel, not Hagel.
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🧞 Bit I think meant execution time when they said 'speed'
Xyz yeah you got it
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🧞 Bit i'd go with go, syntactically more straightforward and pretty widely used across domains. No wrong answer though
Xyz go is not really close to C++ in terms of performance compared to Rust.; go is often around 3x-4x C++ speed, rust is on par with C++: Compare on benchmarksgame-tea...
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Babe i think i have the best user here
Xyz nah
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