I may not like what you have to say but I will defend until my dying breath your right to say it.
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🧔 Justin If this were a room full of people and it was written on your name tag, I think you'd have a hard time finding welcoming ears for those comments
🌚 Nlggers That doesn't seem to be the case. Many people on here simply have normal conversations with me.
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🔻 Trinity I've considered it but it seems rather difficult. I haven't found many good guides and the ones I did find were very complicated and not very reassuring. I know my way around this stuff but not enough to chance sacrificing my firmware - I don't have a backup laptop.
🌚 Nlggers You can make a backup of the EPROM chip's memory before flashing. I read out the ROM content 3 times and diffed the corresponding bins to make sure the external debugging device had a good clamp on the chip before I attempting to do anything involving reflashing the device with a modified ROM.
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🔻 Trinity How well does it run? I'd like to downsize from my T420 at some point but I'm worried about speed because it's already noticeably slow on Handbrake - though I suppose that's what desktops are for.
🌚 Nlggers Back when I was running Arch it was a bit faster than OpenBSD I find. That's probably due to the fact that OpenBSD does some kind of kernel layout randomization that is a bit extreme iirc. That and they've disabled hyper-threading entirely to mitigate the speculative execution issues. I'd say back on Linux it was quite snappy with my SSD and 1866Mhz RAM upgrade. Unfortunately on newer UEFI versions Lenovo limits RAM frequencies. Coreboot fixes this however. :^)
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🔻 Trinity T420 upgraded to 16GB RAM, with Debian 10.4 and occasionally whatever other systems I'm testing.
🌚 Nlggers Nice. Have you considered Corebooting (given you have one of the devices that is capable)?
🔻 Trinity Anyone here play Nintendo Switch? Here's my friend code: SW-6179-6750-6992
🌚 Nlggers I've been considering purchasing one to do the paper clip jailbreak but I have yet to more closely look into how active the homebrew scene is for those running jailbroken Switches. Have you jailbroken your device? If yes then how do you find the homebrew software scene for it?
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🤬 Foobar Again, how you react to a certain situation is completely irrelevant.
🌚 Nlggers I disagree.
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📉 Bill Ok so IMO future of civilization rests on us harnessing fusion energy. Discuss
🌚 Nlggers I suspect solar will be the path forward in the immediate future as the lithography of photovoltaic cells is shrinking exponentially year over year on a similar price/performance curve seen with microprocessor lithographic shrinkage. I suppose we'll see how far that trend continues and how inexpensive and high quality the panels become as a result.
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🤬 Foobar You don't have the same experiences and backgrounds as everyone in the world and so how you would react in a specific situation is irrelevant. Interesting that your whole presence on this platform is to 'fight' against censorship, yet you openly admit to being fine with preventing the flow of free speech and conversations.
🌚 Nlggers What? I said if someone were to say something provocative in my presence (something specifically offensive towards me) that I would not stop the flow of discussion as a result. That would be the opposite.
🧔 Justin Right, I don't think someone who's well socially adjusted does something like this, no matter how much they care about free speach. Why here? It's like shouting in a room full of people who only want to talk amongst themselves just because you can. It makes the experience worse for others for no benefit to anyone.
🌚 Nlggers I'm not sure I'd compare conducting normal conversation under a provocative username to shouting in a room full of people who only want to talk amongst themselves. Many users have said they've found my comments helpful under other threads.
📉 Bill What laptop does everyone use?
🌚 Nlggers I use a Corebooted ThinkPad x220 running OpenBSD 6.6 (I need to upgrade to 6.7 but the upgrade script is a little strange with my full disk encryption setup).
Xyz His name is Hegel, not Hagel.
🌚 Nlggers Ah, that's an embarrassing error on my part.
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📉 Bill Me either but everyone brings them up
🌚 Nlggers Ya. It's a shame.
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📉 Bill I'd agree it was maybe edgy when lots of people were signing up but you've seemed to scare everyone away . It's crazy how internet discussion devolves to race, sex, politics like we're going to solve anything here.
🌚 Nlggers I'm not really interested in those topics.
🤬 Foobar If your actual intentions are to spark thoughtful conversations with everybody about censorship, then your username does otherwise. Whether you believe it or not, it's a word that sparks negative emotions in a lot of people and that is something you cannot change. What's actually is going to happen is that people will feel uncomfortable joining this platform and you won't get voices and ideas from a diverse set of people (something crucial to the idea of freedom of speech).
🌚 Nlggers Fine by me. If someone wishes to say "kike" in my presence I don't become emotional as a result or refrain from holding conversation with them.
👁️ Mbladra wow looks like we have ourselves a badass here.. a real keyboard warrior
🌚 Nlggers Wow thanks
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🗨️ Fui Again, why are you so ungenerous with the work of moderators? Why do you assume the worst intention? Why not grant the probably the best path lies somewhere in the middle? A bit of self regulation and a bit of outside regulation. A sweet spot.
🌚 Nlggers I don't attribute malice to censors (moderators) I believe the practice of censorship is itself illegitimate. I believe the censors are doing what they believe is right. That said I think we are stuck in a process of ever shrinking freedom - that what we are permitted to say is shrinking. Have a look at Hagelian dialectics. It has in no small part influenced my thinking on this subject.