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Anyone homelab and/or use Apache guacamole?
I'm flying out to SLC soon for for two+ weeks and have a free weekend. What are some must do's there? Exploring Moab area prior to that.
Is cryptocurrency dead? Haven't heard much lately
There was some buzz around the bitcoin halvening earlier this year. It went smooth, all seems to be working fine. Prices and hashpower have been relatively steady, so people don't have much to say. Steady prices should incentivize adoption for everyday use, but I haven't heard much about that either.
Bitcoin is sooo last decade. However, Bitcoin may halted it's aggressive expansion but the blockchain in general didn't. I see a lot of projects still adopting technology and actually finding some use cases. Sad reality is that until BTC stays tied to fiat pricing it will just be a fun-token. Actually it's nice that bubble ended, this limited idiots and scammers competing for clown award of the year. I am still somehow optimistic on crypto in long run.
It never dies. When it's not in the news is when you should buy it. Then the price will rise and it'll go in the news again and people will buy it again and the price will rise even more. And for some reason these days I have some friends who keep talking about DEFI.
It's probably just boring now (as a real currency should be)
Ok so IMO future of civilization rests on us harnessing fusion energy. Discuss
Oh cool! But I actually disagree. We will eventually figure out fusion (hopefully within the next decade or so) but it is not necessary for the future of human civilization. The sun will be emiting plenty of energy for at least the next million of years. Fusion will become more important when we start getting ready to leave the solar system. So, what's your opinion?
I suspect solar will be the path forward in the immediate future as the lithography of photovoltaic cells is shrinking exponentially year over year on a similar price/performance curve seen with microprocessor lithographic shrinkage. I suppose we'll see how far that trend continues and how inexpensive and high quality the panels become as a result.
32 CSP sites producing 5GWh/day in the US along the sunbelt with towers about 887 meters high and 1.02MM meters2 of heliostat surface area each, can produce about double the current US energy consumption today. Dubai just completed on for about 950 MW (with about 700 MW of CSP) on June 16th at a cost of around $4.3 billion. if its similar in costs to the Chile plant in 2017 the can profit from $0.05kwh. This also uses the typical nan03+ kno3 salt and not higher delta k salts
I wonder how we'll affect the earth when we have the surface covered in enough solar panels, wind turbines, and so on. The sun only pumps so much energy into the earth per day, and any more than that being consumed will have us running at a deficit. What does that look like? I've never crunched the numbers, so maybe this is unrealistic, but it seems our power demands are only increasing with population.
What laptop does everyone use?
I'm still using a 2012 MacBook Pro. Probably about time I replaced it though...
MBP at home, X1 Carbon at work
I use a Corebooted ThinkPad x220 running OpenBSD 6.6 (I need to upgrade to 6.7 but the upgrade script is a little strange with my full disk encryption setup).
2014 15" macbook
T420 upgraded to 16GB RAM, with Debian 10.4 and occasionally whatever other systems I'm testing.
Dell Inspiron P25T. It's a piece of crap, but at least it has a touch screen.
Mac air
A friend gifted me a 12.5" Lenovo X250. I've upgraded the panel to 1920x1080, put it to 8Gb RAM, 250Gb SSD, and a second internal battery to supplement the giant bumpy external one. Wonderful general use machine. Only let down slightly by the i3 processor and the occasional hitch when decoding video (could be RAM or something else but closing the lid and opening fixes it).
Surface Pro 6 - which is lovely, although I'm mostly using desktop these days.
2017 13'' Macbook Pro. Changed the battery last Friday.
Thinkpad, of course. Hardy, sturdy, bulky, and always reliable
I'm using work-issued MBP. Touchpad and display are great, but I don't think I'd buy it with my own money.
2020 16" Macbook Pro - work issued. 12" 2015 Macbook for personal stuff.
Thinkpad T480. Bought it last year on eBay for about $450.
Old Toshiba Satellite L300. 4Gb Ram. 15 inch screen half broken (display with grey lines), have tried to check the internal connector, seems good.. So I should find a screen panel replacement... Run on MX Linux 19. So it's a temporary solution. I'm probably going to wait for Apple ARM Macs. But not sure..
Surface Book 2 with a Surface Dock for my desk. It's a dream combination that I've found myself very productive with - but I fear the repairs process will be a nightmare when the time comes. Previous machine was a 2015 MacBook Pro.
Early 2011 MacBook Pro. I did put in an SSD a couple of years ago. Now hoping this one will last until the ARM MacBooks are released.
work issued 2019 MBP, desktop for personal stuff
Acer Swift 3
I've been running a Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition with Arch Linux for the past couple of years. Aside from crappy speakers, it's a solid device. I'll probably upgrade to something from System76 when it eventually bites the dust.
Thinkpad x230, x250, x270> And you?
2015 MacBoook
For work - MBP with the shitty keyboard and touchbar. For me - MBA with a better keyboard but way less RAM.
Still on a mac. Does a great Job! but I miss the love for developers. If my employer didn't pay for it I wouldn't invest so much.
2015 15" Macbook Pro
Macbook Pro Early 2015. It's showing its age, thinking of getting a ThinkPad next.
I've got three thinkpads from T420s to T480s, I would say they only get better
Mid 2010 MacBook Pro and Thinkpad X230. Will probably upgrade in 2021.
old laptop
Stock market thread 7/13, go:
For my own investment strategy I'm selling puts on Wells Fargo at 24.5 for 7/17. I don't think it'll drop that low, and if it does I'd be fine owning it for a while, I think it's mostly stable with decent dividends.
My weekly strategy is SPY butterflies in either direction, hedged with an equal VXX butterfly. If I'm right about the market direction, SPY makes money. If am wrong, VXX makes money. The key is to position your P/L ratio as high as possible, so you make more from the winning fly.
Nearly straight index investor, except for a tiny bit of TQQQ for fun.
$VTSAX only bby
long tail risk: buy cheap OTM puts on HYG 4-12 months out,roll every 2 months, using kevinpmooney monte carlo blogger post as a basic framework, but using generalized extreme value distribution to calc the probabilities of payouts 100x premium fitted 2 shape of the returns from par of the underlying;did it all 2019 and paid out in feb/march, stared to load up again in june.i expect fireworks into the 20 sept 20 cdx rolls
What will the economy be like in 1 year?
minus ~20% pts. but will recover in 3-4 years.
I'm about confused about how the stock market is doing as well as it is given covid and quarantines.
The SPY will keep going up until November. Then, depending on the US elections outcome it may stay there or crash.
I'm bear gang, pretty massively short SPY (via SPXS calls) over the mid-term (1yr+)
I hope somewhat better. I'm not sure I can say with much certainty. I suspect property prices may continue to decline but beyond that I don't feel particularly confident speculating.
What are the chances this becomes popular?
Define popular more precisely for any accurate estimations.
Eh, topic discovery needs much more love - as do notifications