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😇🍷 Jesus Christ see my comment below
😇🍷 Jesus Christ just wanted to say that if you need help with moderation am sure there are ppl here who would help thanks
😇🍷 Jesus Christ is that a human or a sad sad computer doing the moderation
😇🍷 Jesus Christ my posts are always getting deleted automatically, I will rewrite a moderation algo for free come one now
😇🍷 Jesus Christ We can only hope that subreply will become so big to attract such attention one day
😇🍷 Jesus Christ fostering a community is like raising a baby panda, it is delicate
🗨🐒 Fui Never raised a panda, so I cannot assess the truth of your claim. However, since you started a Church, you probably have a thing or two to teach about building long lasting communities...
😇🍷 Jesus Christ what do you guys think about logitech as an investment
😇🍷 Jesus Christ make your own company
😇🍷 Jesus Christ big companies are full of interruptions its just their nature
😇🍷 Jesus Christ remote is the future, go sit in thailand on the beach and code
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