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😇 Jesus Christ see my comment below
😇 Jesus Christ just wanted to say that if you need help with moderation am sure there are ppl here who would help thanks
😇 Jesus Christ is that a human or a sad sad computer doing the moderation
😇 Jesus Christ my posts are always getting deleted automatically, I will rewrite a moderation algo for free come one now
😇 Jesus Christ We can only hope that subreply will become so big to attract such attention one day
💣 Zoid Who has any thoughts on the Twitter hack?
😇 Jesus Christ sounded internal, like a royal messup from twitter themselves
😇 Jesus Christ fostering a community is like raising a baby panda, it is delicate
🗨️ Fui Never raised a panda, so I cannot assess the truth of your claim. However, since you started a Church, you probably have a thing or two to teach about building long lasting communities...
🥝 Mr I'm not, but I think we all want to be acknowledged, and to acknowledge the efforts of others. "I hear you" may be more valuable than the content of the message. Theres nothing worse than indifference.
😇 Jesus Christ yes a little agreement and outreach goes a long way to building community
💡 Diff Does "unimproved" mean a lack of improvement or like improvement in the reverse direction?
😇 Jesus Christ what do you guys think about logitech as an investment
😇 Jesus Christ make your own company
😇 Jesus Christ big companies are full of interruptions its just their nature
😇 Jesus Christ remote is the future, go sit in thailand on the beach and code
😇 Jesus Christ fun fact MMS and SMS are not encrypted
🏒 Lucian Marin Matter can be transformed into energy. We're lucky being here in a stable phase of the universe.
😇 Jesus Christ maybe but it might also be that we just dont exist in any other stage so time is just a construct and there's no luck involved
😇 Jesus Christ no bc its about mentality and urgency not whether your using the latest agile scrum crap
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