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🧠 Foo Anyone else starting to feel burned out by working from home? Most of my friends seem to be loving it, but I feel like I'm in the minority and enjoy going into the office a few times a week.
🤬 Foobar I thought I would love fully remote but I definitely feel like I need to be in the office at least 1-2 times a week
🌚 Nlggers If I recall correctly there was some work done a few years ago on the topic of a sort of "spacial association" that takes place in your mind. I believe the researchers who looked at this concluded there were different "mental modalities" depending on the associated activity of a space. Certainly if our home environments have differing associations it could go either way.
🪓 Carlos Cortes Never felt the daily grind as in this times. Wake up, turn up the pc, lunch, more pc, turn off the pc, Go to bed.
😏 Yt L. What I'd prefer most is certainty about the state of things going forwards. I feel like I probably should build up a good home office, then I could be quite comfortable working from home, but I haven't done that yet, so I'm not that comfortable.
📬 Chris Brandrick A little, I'd like to be in the office at least one day a week just for a break in routine.
🗨️ Fui As the ancient Greeks would have it, "Nothing in Excess". Too much WFH has its trade-offs, some of them can be bad. Not everyone is cut for that.
📀 Rob We only quarantined for 1 month in my state. I was burned out immediately. My gym was also closed which was hell. My saving grace was the occasional call to go into the office to do something. So yeah I feel you man.
🚴 Aditya I'm there for sure. Also, I lost my monitor, keyboard etc overnight, so not ideal.
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🏕️ Autumn Good morning! What's everyone having for breakfast?
🧠 Foo Black coffee so far! I'm getting back into intermittent fasting and looking forward to lunch in an hour.
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