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Deep How do you manage your read list? Where do you bookmark things to read? I have been using and it's been amazing for deep reading an entire article and then share your views.
🌌 Tom I use for all sorts of lists, reading being one of them. super simple to set up public or private collections and then bookmark things with the browser extension
📻 Jeff Wright Ok, here I am with my first post on Subreply. Hello! I'm currently looking at boxes that I've packed in preparation for my impending move
🌌 Tom hey! good luck with the move
🌌 Tom is anyone here on Urbit?
🍁 John J. Hadn't even heard of it. Sounds interesting.
🧉 Martin Yeah, it's quite insane. I'm looking forward to hearing how it happened technically... they've obviously got access to internal Twitter systems at this scale, somehow.
🌌 Tom yep, for sure. can't wait for the incident report
🧉 Martin Things I like about Subreply: we don't have a bunch of celebs right now unknowingly trying to get us to send money to a scam BTC address (which has already received over $110k).
🌌 Tom don't think we've ever seen anything of this scale on Twitter before! it's much nicer over here haha.
Dsasdf I recently created a blog using Hugo and hosted it on Vercel. It's actually stupidly simple. Go on Vercel, create a new Hugo template, clone it, apply a theme and push changes.
Runlevelrobot I am ok with writing them up in markdown
🌌 Tom I can't reply again to the original post, but a while ago I built a very basic markdown-based SSG, which sounds like what you're looking for. feel free to check it out!
Runlevelrobot Anybody know of any frameworks for blogging that allows for text based only blogs? I really love this
🌌 Tom check out next.js + mdx. powerful combination
📉 Bill What laptop does everyone use?
🌌 Tom work issued 2019 MBP, desktop for personal stuff
🤔 David Subreply would be easy to integrate with Keybase:
🌌 Tom this would be a nice feature!
👁️ Mbladra What do you miss about it?
🌌 Tom the 'buzz' for want of a better word - spontaneous conversations with colleagues, team lunches, company-wide meetings etc. slack is great in that it allows our current team of ~15 people to be distributed all over Europe, but it will never provide that same 'buzz'
🕊 Adam Siwiec Do you have any personal examples? I find thinking of revenue producing idea difficult because I try to be a frugal person.
🌌 Tom building it is the easy part. coming up with original ideas is what will make you money
😏 Yt L. Collapsing threads, or toggling a "collapse by default" behavior. It would make scrolling the trending page easier.
🌌 Tom +1 to collapsed by default on the trending page
Anon Mcanon Feature Request Megathread
🌌 Tom self-replies, also think that the circle containing the first 3 letters of your username should change to your emoji if set
🧠 Foo Anyone else starting to feel burned out by working from home? Most of my friends seem to be loving it, but I feel like I'm in the minority and enjoy going into the office a few times a week.
🌌 Tom I definitely think a balance is needed. my current position is full time WFH and it certainly has its benefits, but I do miss the office environment from time to time
🌌 Tom would love to know what the conditions for the green 'here' status are. how recently does someone have to be seen to be 'here'?
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