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🔗 Peter Cooper So my business is running about 12 different weekly email newsletters (all double opt in, people want them!) in the software development space.. JavaScript Weekly, Ruby Weekly, things like that. So if you have any links I should be considering, just hit me up.
Anon Mcanon Feature Request Megathread
🥨 Shruthi Idk what notifications do now but would be great to be notified when someone replies to you
🎯 Gallium Oxide Hyperlinkable replies (like Twitter) and use of the browser notification API
📉 Bill Hiding posts that you've already thoroughly read/discussed
🌌 Tom self-replies, also think that the circle containing the first 3 letters of your username should change to your emoji if set
🏕️ Autumn Option to block on a per-user basis.
🌚 Nlggers It's my personal belief that the creation of filter bubbles may be one of the worst side effects of moving from anonymous BBS systems over to boards featuring persistent identity. Via an older style BBS system it was difficult to isolate yourself into a corner of overall thought via filtering of users and posts, rather discussions were simply grouped by topic/thread. At least in my view this is preferable to columns of siloed opinions or points of view.
🤬 Foobar Access to the API
😏 Yt L. Collapsing threads, or toggling a "collapse by default" behavior. It would make scrolling the trending page easier.