Chase May re: feature megarequest thread: Also ---- support for newlines / respect newlines and self-replies
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Chase May re: feature megarequest thread: - Multiple replies per thread (why only one?) - Where's the source code?
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🎯 Gallium Oxide Hyperlinkable replies (like Twitter) and use of the browser notification API
Chase May It looks like the time-since label on posts is a direct link to the content, as well. This is perhaps more "semantic" than copying the link from the reply button.
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📉 Bill Hiding posts that you've already thoroughly read/discussed
Chase May For me, I'd like a read / unread filter. Maybe that's fairly different than what you're imagining.
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🏕️ Autumn Hitting the search button will show the whole chronological timeline.
Chase May Word, thanks!
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Anon Mcanon Feature Request Megathread
Chase May How do I view the global feed? Trying to find ppl to follow but don't want to be siloed into following based on "trending"... Would love a view that I know is unfiltered...
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Chase May Top 5 resources for becoming productive with Elixir / Phoenix, go!
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