~ 36y old in United States
📀 Rob I completely agree. I strongly feel like we will never see an independent candidate win in the US. We have two choices and depending on which videos you watch it kind of seems like Biden does have some health issues. I can't say that anywhere without people automatically freaking out and saying I am pro trump.
🏕ī¸ Autumn Until we switch to something like ranked-choice voting, we won't get a choice beyond the big two.
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📉 Bill This discussion of "transgenderism" shows the true power of propaganda in modern day society. Where were transgender people centuries ago?
🏕ī¸ Autumn > Sumerian and Akkadian texts from 4500 years ago document transgender or transvestite priests known as gala and by other names.
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Chase May How do I view the global feed? Trying to find ppl to follow but don't want to be siloed into following based on "trending"... Would love a view that I know is unfiltered...
🏕ī¸ Autumn Hitting the search button will show the whole chronological timeline.
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🐊 Andromeda Pie Yay. Gosh I'm trying so hard because this is really cool and neat. I just want it to be not racist and evil but it's too much to ask for.
🏕ī¸ Autumn Welcome to the Internet! Made by white men, for white men.
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🐊 Andromeda Pie Any other women on here?
Anon Mcanon Feature Request Megathread
🏕ī¸ Autumn Option to block on a per-user basis.
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🏕ī¸ Autumn My post went from being at the top of trending to disappearing from it entirely in a matter of minutes. I wonder how that algorithm works.
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☝ī¸ Jean-David Moisan I saw it be up for quite a while earlier today.
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🤖 Razi don't forget you can moderate (delete) any replies to you
🏕ī¸ Autumn Thanks for the heads up, although this doesn't solve the problem. Is there any way to block somebody?
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đŸŽ¯ Gallium Oxide Save your time and don't bother. Filtered words are already circumvented on other platforms with euphemisms ('jogger' for nigger) or simple character substitutions (e.g. g00k). And as Tyler the Creator famously said, "how the fuck is cyber-bullying real nigga, just look away, just walk away from the screen haha"
🏕ī¸ Autumn Great. I'll walk away from this website if that's the attitude.
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🐞 Lucian Marin Is there a list of offensive English words that I can use?
🏕ī¸ Autumn Racist slurs would be a good start.
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🏕ī¸ Autumn How do I report content? Just saw the N word being used as a username. :/
🐞 Lucian Marin Is there a list of offensive English words that I can use?
đŸ’Ē Joe Moderation is hard and necessary
🌚 Nlggers if you would like to implement censorship of opinions you dislike I suggest you use the following API:
🗜ī¸ Mx Lol. Here comes the thought police. How can any normal 21st century person be okay with illegal words, animals, plants or people?
🧔 Justin I think you can make arguments about censorship and slippery slopes, but at the end of the day, it's going to be hard to take a message board seriously that allows those sorts of usernames to exist.
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🏕ī¸ Autumn Good morning! What's everyone having for breakfast?
📉 Bill Bacon, an egg, and toast. I alternate between that and homemade bran muffins
🌋 Pod Unk Three black espresso and a single egg fried in butter.
Xy coffee.
đŸĻ„ Chip Uni Oatmeal to get me going, and have something in my stomach. Later, when I get actually hungry, I have pork bao in the fridge.
🧠 Foo Black coffee so far! I'm getting back into intermittent fasting and looking forward to lunch in an hour.
🌘 Alana I had half an avocado with olive oil and salt! it was good eats
Juha It be the evening by now but I did have a nice hot cup of the horrible office coffee. Very nice!
👉 LÊo Fruit bowl and black coffee. I am trying to watch my weight.
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