slowly losing it, but sorta in a good way?
🌘 Alana what's your favorite song right now?
🤔 David 'Closet Chronicles' by Kansas. I love listening to stories and parables told through song.
🌊 Zero Two Intro by xx is my all time favorite
✌️ Mini B. let me down
3y, 45w reply
📉 Bill To each his own. I enjoy long term monogamous relationships between man and woman. Hope your day is well also!
🌘 Alana absolutely, to each their own. ty for the well wishes!
3y, 45w reply
😇 Jesus Christ you go alana
🌘 Alana thanks, jesus :)
3y, 45w reply
🗜️ Mx First off, there is no such thing as "transgender". You can mutilate your body all you want and take all the pharmaceuticals you can, you still won't be able to change your gender. You're just going to look weird and condemn yourself to a lifetime of social agony. Secondly, nobody owes you comfort and happiness. If words offend you, then you're already vulnerable to all forms of communication and you should stay away from people in general - both online and offline alike.
🌘 Alana 1) I get more girls than you; 2) I hope you have a nice day
3y, 45w 7 replies
🥨 Shruthi Idk what notifications do now but would be great to be notified when someone replies to you
🌘 Alana like a push notification?
3y, 45w 1 reply
🏕️ Autumn Good morning! What's everyone having for breakfast?
🌘 Alana I had half an avocado with olive oil and salt! it was good eats
3y, 45w 1 reply
🗜️ Mx Lol. Here comes the thought police. How can any normal 21st century person be okay with illegal words, animals, plants or people?
🌘 Alana because I'm transgender, and it honestly just fukin wears me down to see slurs thrown around casually. stopped using a forum I liked because one of the users had "tr*nny" in their name. it just sucks, you know? I'll go somewhere else, and then the racists and people who are okay with racists will stay. evaporative cooling, if you will. check out decriminalizenatur... btw.
3y, 45w 49 replies
🌘 Alana I actually really dig the emojis as avatars - it's quicker to recognize and aesthetically appealing to me.
3y, 45w reply ¬
🐞 Lucian Marin Is there a list of offensive English words that I can use?
🌘 Alana is a good place to start, but would need to be whittled down some
3y, 45w reply
Ganesh Khade It's hard to find good communities now a days. Which discord servers, and sub reddits, are you talking about?
🌘 Alana generally, the more niche, the better, so I'm not sure how much mine'll apply - but there's a local mushroom foraging subreddit, /r/ShrugLifeSyndicate (although going downhill) and the /r/Discordian Discord server. Also I found a decent server for, uh, applied spirituality.
3y, 45w reply
🌱 Slow what's the best flavor
🌘 Alana salt from the tears of my enemies. or any salt, really.
3y, 45w reply
Aaron Brown I was a big adventure time devotee, her work on adventure time and that amazing pilot is what drew me to Steven Universe. I saw a little of craig of the creek, might go back to it. Tried Star vs. the forces of evil and might see that again. I'm on book 12 of the 14 for Wheel of Time, trying to finish before the Amazon show starts next year. That's a rewarding slog so far. I think my next is either Antkind from Charlie Kaufman or getting back into Terry Pratchett's Discworld.
🌘 Alana Star gets better after a little, in the same way SU did
3y, 45w reply
Ganesh Khade What communities are you active mostly on?
🌘 Alana discord, and I (mostly) lurk tildes and a few smaller subreddits
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💀 Nate Dunn username aquired!...... now what do we do exactly?
🌘 Alana have fun :)
3y, 45w reply
🌊 Zero Two What music are u currently listening to?
🌘 Alana akisai - colors and Khruangbin - The Universe Smiles Upon You are my jams rn
3y, 45w reply
Aaron Brown Gravity falls was amazing, but gone so soon. Alex Hirsch is friends with SU's Rebecca Sugar/ Ian Jones-Quartey. Great reccomendation! Ininity train first season was so devastating, that i've only seen the free preview of season two. I'll be brave someday and watch it.
🌘 Alana oh I had no idea! also if you haven't seen it, adventure time, and I've been liking craig of the creek (athough it's no SU or ATLA (although what even is))
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