i make internet things
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💀 Nate Dunn ah yes, lets create a new social network with no way to report users/posts. great idea, society! we've learned nothing.
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💀 Nate Dunn I don't know who needs to hear this but this is just reddit
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💀 Nate Dunn but how to I post my tiktok tho
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✝️ Jerrod Gamotan Will you go to heaven? Make sure youtu.be/TCSUKIhjevo
💀 Nate Dunn ugh is there like a BuzzFeed quiz I could take?
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Kanye West hi everyone
💀 Nate Dunn sup have you met yet
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🌘 Alana so how bout that new 100 gecs album
💀 Nate Dunn absolutely banging
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✝️ Jerrod Gamotan How long will you sear your conscience and blaspheme the very God who gave you life?
💀 Nate Dunn Jesus blaspheming himself lol
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💀 Nate Dunn don't tell jaboukie about this
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Swyx Hello world!
💀 Nate Dunn username aquired!...... now what do we do exactly?
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💀 Nate Dunn *wave emoji* hi everyone
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✝️ Jerrod Gamotan You are not Jesus Christ, but you will stand before Him in judgment. Make sure it will be in His grace, NeedGod.com.
💀 Nate Dunn youre going to look pretty silly when you find out it's actually Jesus
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💀 Nate Dunn wait thinking of a funny cake joke hold on
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