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🗨️ Fui I agree -- some sort of moderation is needed. Contrary to what Descartes thought, common sense is not the most widely distributed thing in the world. And with internet anonimity comes all the noise brought by trolls.
💪 Joe Do you think you could have effective community moderation with anonymity?
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🔚 Bort Simpson It is my opinion that you are wrong, Joe Wrong
💪 Joe I disagree
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Rai I put my favourite online streaming radios in a git repo and pick from there. . Feel free to add yours there!
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🦄 Chip Uni What (if anything) do you listen to while you're programming, or doing work that requires a lot of concentration?
💪 Joe A lot of Spotify. Usually instrumental or harder to understand vocals. Have had it hooked up to last FM so that's fun to look at stats and whatnot
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Zero Edge Most content consumption leads to anger, hate, and mental pain. Not consuming content leads to mellowness and peace but an uninformed stance. I used to think the world was "nice" and most people were "good" but it seems harder and harder to find those things I used to think. Is the internet just very good at highlighting the "edge cases". Does the internet accurately represent the world and its opinion as a whole or is it just edge case after edge case.
💪 Joe Kinda boring tbh
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💪 Joe Rate my emojis
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💻 Kenneth Jensen "Weird flex but ok"/10!
🏕️ Autumn How do I report content? Just saw the N word being used as a username. :/
💪 Joe Moderation is hard and necessary
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Ben Boughton Hello everyone. What's up?
Emanuele Hello World!
💪 Joe Good morning!
❄️ Geoff Good morning!
⚪ Ghostis Good Morning!
🧔 Justin The gang's all here!
🔚 Bort Simpson Good mornin' Joe
John Noble I mean seriously. What value has ever been added to a conversation by the inclusion of a poor quality clip of a dog wearing a jacket dancing to Janet Jackson. No.
💪 Joe Love that one
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💪 Joe 1200 results found
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🌚 Cosmo hello world!
🙊 Umar Dabhoiwala Any interesting music recommendations? Always fun to listen to new stuff.
💪 Joe Santrofi
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Robert Fouldes getting married (officially registered) today
🐽 Zxh Hello, first time here. Anyone interesting worth following? Pls tell me, thx :P
💪 Joe I am interesting
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