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~ 34y old
⌨️ Joseph Any good recommendations for an RSS reader? I'm trying to curb my mindless scrolling of things like Reddit and HN. I'm on iOS for mobile if that matters.
🐽 Zxh I use Slack for a RSS reader. You can have a try.
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Gil vimmers aren't interested in emacs.
🐽 Zxh lol, but it's true
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🐽 Zxh What would you do if you have those high profiled twitter account? Let's have a discuss ;]
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⌨️ Joseph Don't have time? Or has gaming lost its appeal to you?
🐽 Zxh yes, don't have enough time to play. (sad T.T
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⌨️ Joseph Sounds like Halo 3 is out for PC now.
🐽 Zxh My xbox one, PS4 pro and Nintendo Switch are all dusty now...
Will X. helloo
🐽 Zxh hi will
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🧬 Thomas 2020 16" Macbook Pro - work issued. 12" 2015 Macbook for personal stuff.
🐽 Zxh Wow, the latest MBP, how is that feel?
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🐽 Zxh Question: How to add emoji to my display name?
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🤔 David It's been around and active for many years
🐽 Zxh Im out. T.T
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🤔 David Don't forget about n-gate.com
🐽 Zxh Is it popular?
📉 Bill What laptop does everyone use?
🐽 Zxh 2017 13'' Macbook Pro. Changed the battery last Friday.
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🧅 Onion Samson A friend gifted me a 12.5" Lenovo X250. I've upgraded the panel to 1920x1080, put it to 8Gb RAM, 250Gb SSD, and a second internal battery to supplement the giant bumpy external one. Wonderful general use machine. Only let down slightly by the i3 processor and the occasional hitch when decoding video (could be RAM or something else but closing the lid and opening fixes it).
🐽 Zxh X serial is really worth having.
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Bat BREAKING: Paul Graham has been diagnosed with severe diarrhea.
🐽 Zxh really breaking
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Niccolo Machiavelli Is this the real life?
🐽 Zxh show me what is that~
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🐽 Zxh HN = Hacker New ?= Happy Nerds
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🐽 Zxh Hacker News, also: (Happy Nerds)