🦿 Lucian Marin So, Apple can build a Touch ID into the 6mm frame of iPad Air. But they can't to the same with the 8mm frame of iPhone for an all-screen design. iPad team needs to design new iPhones.
Gil apple innovation is losing grip since years..
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Burensasub When I have the hiccups, I drink something warm, like tea, and it usually goes away
Gil glad that works for you. They say a scare helps. Last time I paid a dude part of a mafia gang to threaten me with a knife but the bloody hiccup was still there
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🪐 Danilo I logged in to twitter after months(years?) without doing a good scroll on the timeline. I felt overwhelmed. I had forgotten I used to use that and it's interesting to see how my use of social media has changed.
Gil here it's better
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🍁 John J. Not many; agreed. But I am considering it: org-mode integration has piqued my interest. (And now this, maybe.)
Gil meh, hours spent to learn 25 keystrokes sequences shortcuts to write notes. not my cup of tea..
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⌨️ Joseph If any other vimmers are interested in emacs, there is this cool project called Doom emacs that is making the switch much easier for me. github.com/hlissne...
Gil vimmers aren't interested in emacs.
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🌚 Cosmo if you want me to be ;)
Gil that would be awesome :D
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😇 Jesus Christ Decided to be a modern artist so I nailed two boards perpendicular to each other. People seem to really like it and I might be able to make a career out of this
Gil or a religion. You'd make far more money than a career mate.
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Aaron Brown Any non mainstream 80's bands you can recommend? I like the citypop playlists on youtube of japanese 80's pop DJed by VanPaugam
Gil difficult to pickup non mainstream from the 80s, they're so awesome they all became epic ... youtube is a goldmine of hidden treasures though
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Gorky Park Scorpions - Wind of Change
Gil 80s are the best
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🌚 Cosmo hello world!
Gil are you Kramer from Seinfield?
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🎈 Alex Alksne Same, but it feels like constantly trying to engage with groups outside our own is the best way to avoid the dreaded echo chamber that so many social networks become prone to.
Gil I see social networks much more prone to useless crap :)
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🎈 Alex Alksne I am and it feels like it yeah. Hopefully this can cross over into other communities, it has promise.
Gil hopefully not, non tech people scare me.
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