🎈 Alex Alksne we're trying out nest.js at work, anyone here work with it? Any takeaways?
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🎈 Alex Alksne :) what kind of dancing do you do?
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🎣 Fish what makes you feel alive?
Kerem Hey. This looks promising. How's everyone doing? - Will anyone even see this?
🎈 Alex Alksne I see it :)
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🎈 Alex Alksne GIS is .. hard to get into. It feels like there are a few big players that actively try and prevent innovation. For those more familiar with the space, am I off the mark?
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🌎 Justin Depending on what you want to get into... but Esri dominates the commercial sector for sure. There's some subsistence money to be made with consulting on the open source side, but you either need connections or lots leg work. Now it seems, the most interesting GIS work being done isn't even being called GIS.
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🎈 Alex Alksne I'm loving the text-first personal websites that people on here link to.
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🎈 Alex Alksne please tell me you're actually 102 years old
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Stephen <Insert Zipper-Mouth Face emoji>
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Gil hopefully not, non tech people scare me.
🎈 Alex Alksne Same, but it feels like constantly trying to engage with groups outside our own is the best way to avoid the dreaded echo chamber that so many social networks become prone to.
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🦝 Wojciech How do I start enjoying being productive instead of forcing myself do do stuff? I like making things, but it's hard for it to compete with easy entertainment like Netflix and social media...
🎈 Alex Alksne Your environment shapes your thoughts and behaviours - your thoughts and behaviours shape your environment. It's easier to be productive when your environment naturally pushes you towards it - for me Reddit and Facebook are guilty pleasures and I can lose hours to them instead of working on my side projects. I deleted them which anecdotally has helped me focus my attention enough that I have started making more progress on the things that bring me joy in the long term.
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Craig Bot Is everyone here a computer programmer?
🎈 Alex Alksne I am and it feels like it yeah. Hopefully this can cross over into other communities, it has promise.
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