10y, 3w Wftl
Writer and Free Thinker at Large. Ruggedly handsome! Science, Linux, & technology geek. The Cooking With Linux guy. Opin
10y, 3w Keenan
Consider, refactor, deprecate.
9y, 45w Nzk0
Designer & Manager
9y, 43w Philip
Software Person with scattered mind
9y, 42w Kevinclark
Product designer at Shopify
living the dream on PEI
9y, 42w Todd
Interaction designer, bad at trends
I'm an eLearning Designer interested in all things eLearning, education, and technology. Current college employee and UO
9y, 32w Ivan
I write about math and physics. I also make web stuff.
9y, 27w Gary Mtt
Jewish. Husband. Human. Geek.
7y, 6w Kiasaki
7y, 6w Vjraj
Just me.
Researcher & Instructor: data, spatial, web.
3y, 45w Cornelius
3y, 45w Jetset
iOS Developer, Music maker, Photo snapper, Trip taker