~ 31y old in Toronto
5w Karn
~ 35.5y old in Halifax
~ 39.5y old in Burnaby ~ 32.5y old in Toronto
Urbanist and Software Engineer.
12w Ricardo
Maple flavoured technical consultant. Owner-Operator. Fixer. Bitcoin wonk. Murk Loar
~ 25.1y old in Canada
Software engineering
~ 30y old in Canada
Retired civil servant rebranded as a digital creator
~ 66y old in Canada
Coding is fun.
Web tinkerer & community builder. Open source. Web3. Building Fission.
An elliptical person
1y, 18w 🍺 Stephen
iOS Developer, Music maker, Photo snapper, Trip taker
~ 30y old in Canada
1y, 27w Fleder Maus
You won't believe it but I am exploring alternatives to Facebook
1y, 31w Philip
Software Person with scattered mind
1y, 32w Latincharacters
1y, 34w ♾️ Ya