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💡 Diff I think you can, but it's a little harder when it belongs to someone else that you have to answer to. It's not even just having to answer to someone, you have to go through them for a wide variety of things because it's not *yours*, and depending on the landlord that can range from inconvenient to downright painful.
Philip That's true - however with a good landlord I enjoy the fact that neither need to spend time nor money on repairs and maintenance, and the money I am saving vs buying a house can be invested in the stock market at the same time. That way, it is even a good deal financially.
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💻 Kernel Do we really need to work 20+ years to earn the right to call a house 'home'? Isn't there a better way to contribute to society and have a fulfilling life?
Philip Are you saying you can't feel at home in a rented place?
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💻 Kernel How are you today Philip?
Philip Good! Slightly stressful work day, but looking forward to the weekend. Are you a software person?
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Diva A very Happy Canada Day, to all my family and friends in that wonderful country!
Philip Happy Canada Day! Celebrating by staying inside and not doing much
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💻 Kernel Hello world. (Just new on this platform!)
Philip Hello Pancake!
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Philip Hello sublevel.
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