🌱 Slow how is this a hard thing to conceptualize lol, we're social creatures that find community through shared experiences
Juha Not in the wrong there. But then again I never said anything about it being difficult to grasp, I was more intrested in the perspective of the reply.
2y, 29w reply
🌊 Zero Two That is a really pessimistic outlook on humanity
Juha There is a lot of good in the world. But unfortunately I deal with the other half daily, which I like to think gives me perspective.
2y, 29w reply
📉 Bill We can't ever "just get along". Everything in this world is inherently in competition to survive the next day.
Juha I would argue it to be more of an "indifference" rather than direct competition for survival. The world is entropy made infinite, sure. But thats just exaggeration.
2y, 29w reply
📉 Bill Think about all of nature in general. Humans are not some godly being in some love bubble disconnected from reality. Everything is in constant competition
Juha I do not understand what you're saying. What do you mean?
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👌 Ramsey "Lofi beats to chill/study to"
Juha My man. Can also reccommend "Podcast Addict" on Android and its electronic radio stations, I think it be called SOMA FM or something of the sorts
2y, 29w reply
👁️ Mbladra Did the internet boards always have racists, or has that been more of a recent thing
Juha Think about the human nature in general and you have an answer. We are not nice creatures
2y, 29w 9 replies
Juha How and why?
2y, 29w 2 replies
🐊 Andromeda Pie Any other women on here?
Juha Would any reply make a difference?
2y, 29w 4 replies
🏕️ Autumn Good morning! What's everyone having for breakfast?
Juha It be the evening by now but I did have a nice hot cup of the horrible office coffee. Very nice!
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