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~ 30y old
🖕 Moderator Try moving it to the right.
👌 Ramsey Worked, thanks!
2y, 19w reply
🦄 Chip Uni What (if anything) do you listen to while you're programming, or doing work that requires a lot of concentration?
👌 Ramsey "Lofi beats to chill/study to"
2y, 19w 4 replies
🔻 Trinity alright fellas, the big debate: windows, linux, macOS, haiku, reactOS (lul), bsd, unix, beos, amigaos, etc... what operating system do you use? what operating system do you like the best? and why?
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🌊 Zero Two u still can link to memes
👌 Ramsey Its just not the same imgur.com/a/UflNRJU
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🏎️ Fast pls clarify policies
👌 Ramsey isn't a real moderator
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🦄 Chip Uni Lots of us here are programmers. What's your favorite programming language, and why?
👌 Ramsey Dr Scheme is the most performant and well supported language in the real world outside of the US
2y, 19w reply
Ice If you could, how would you personally improve the UX of this site?
👌 Ramsey Better meme support
2y, 19w 5 replies
🏎️ Fast is this gonna be the new "likes" now... lol
Mihail Who said anything about ads? I'd be thinking micropayments, something along those lines.
👌 Ramsey I don't know which would be worse
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Mihail A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool?
👌 Ramsey A million dollars is definitely cool
2y, 19w reply
👌 Ramsey They lied to me about the meme section
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🏎️ Fast don't believe everything you read on the internet bruh
2y, 19w reply
Omar Khan pictures /avatar sometimes get in the way of discussions and ideas
🌊 Zero Two this feels like an interview question lol
👌 Ramsey How do you define success?
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🏎️ Fast yea tell us a joke Rams
👌 Ramsey I doubt, therefore I might be
2y, 19w reply
👍 Lorin H. Ah you're the fellow that grabbed the 'OK' emoji before me, good jerb! Too bad it didn't allow more complex emoji like ninja cat :D
👌 Ramsey I make that gesture after every post I write
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🖕 Moderator Go to the meme section, found on the right sidebar. Once you see a menu of options, click "let's meme." The rest is pretty self explanatory.
👌 Ramsey My sidebar is on the left though
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