🤮 Chalupa Gordito Hey guys, let's talk politics
Ice Okay: When text editors/browsers don't bind "cmd + number" or "ctrl + number" to switch tabs, it's an infringement on human rights.
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Ganesh Khade What do you recommend, Vim, Sublime Text or VS Code for a newbie? I used to recommed VS Code, but everyone I recommend complained about, how slow it was than Sublime Text.
Ice I think it's definitely worth learning vim just for the key bindings. It speeds up your workflow so much once you're past the learning curve, and most editors (e.g. Sublime, VSCode, Jetbrains) support vim bindings out-of-the-box or with an official plugin.
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âšĢ Aaron I went into this pandemic thinking it was going to be the perfect opportunity to learn something new. I had aspirations to do as much. It just resulted in me working harder than I did when I had an office to go into haha
Ice oh man, overwork during WFH is so real. I find there's no physical sense of an on/off switch like there is when you have to commute.
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đŸ‘ģ Dan so, how did y'all find subreply?
Ice Probably the same as the influx of new users today, via HN
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👉 LÊo I can see this becoming a Twitter meets Hacker News type of thing
Ice I think this would be the best outcome we could hope for
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⚡ Kay there's definitely something addicting about this small social network. it may be the minimalist approach, but what else?
Ice I think *right now* is the exciting time period where the platform is gaining popularity, there aren't any expectations, and everybody on is pleasant to talk to. Hopefully this lasts!
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đŸŊ Zxh Hello, first time here. Anyone interesting worth following? Pls tell me, thx :P
Ice I think for the time being, everything worth seeing is aggregated on the trending page lol
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🤙 Adam 99 Maybe a way to like things?
Ice I feel that, but I think one of the core ideas of this site was the lack of popularity scores (likes, followers, shares etc)
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Mihail So far i'm impressed by the UX. I'd like to be able to see more context (original post + replies) in the search section. The replies on their own don't mean much without the context.
Ice agreed. I love the minimalist approach overall. I personally see an upcoming roadblock where the replies being un-collapsable and the UX you mentioned might be difficult to scale as the user base grows...
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🌊 Zero Two take one node, go up to root, take the other node go up to root or until u hit one u already seen.
Ice true, but only if child nodes have references to parent nodes. otherwise you'd need a top-down recursive approach where you return if the current node is the one of the child nodes in the callback
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🏎ī¸ Fast I would tell you, but no markdown support on here...
Ice hah no worries. I got the solution during my last interviewing circuit
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Ice If you could, how would you personally improve the UX of this site?
Chris Silverman Sounds silly, but I don't understand how the "replies" function works at all. I'll see a thread with something like "8 replies", and when I click it, I expect the replies to drop down under it in a clear hiearchy. They don't seem to do that, and I don't see the number of replies that the link indicates.
đŸ’¯ Shivansh Rustagi markdown support!
Thomas Petersen I would open up the design a little. Like this : dropbox.com/s/xkgb... and collapse threads.
❄ī¸ Geoff Does the feed max out? Or is that the amount of content on here so far?
Will Freeborn Introduce a minimum word count for replies maybe (~24 characters)?
Rajath Markdown support
đŸ—ŋ Simohamed Toggle dark theme through settings as I don't know how to change color schemes is Linux. I also couldn't write this earlier i.imgur.com/qAfoFN... otherwise known as a slash punctuation mark.
âšĢ Aaron A cutline somewhere on the replies page to better indicate which ones haven't been read yet. I think any small emphasis would be a huge help :)
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🎲 Jamie Rust sounds wonderful, though I'm yet to give it a try :) I'm worried that I will resort to liberal amounts of unsafe code in a desire to get things done -- do you find that this is the case?
Ice sorry to disappoint -- I'm highly incompetent in all 3 of the languages I mentioned. currently learning rust though! building a toy dbms. not that I'm qualified to answer your question, but I haven't found that unsafe is anything I've to resort to yet, and my code isn't utterly trivial.
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Niccolo Machiavelli I don't really "hate" I find amusing to observer co-dependent relationships between sociopath narcissists and their enablers
Ice same. don't "hate" but just mildly terrified
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🌊 Zero Two this feels like an interview question lol
Ice given 2 nodes on a binary tree, return the lowest common ancestor in O(N) time
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đŸŽ¯ Gallium Oxide Don't waste a minute seeking advice online. There is too much survivorship bias and overcorrecting of mistakes. Plus, on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog.
Ice which ironically is some sound online advice
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