drive faster, fear is exciting
📉 Bill What laptop does everyone use?
🏎ī¸ Fast 2014 15" macbook
3y, 32w reply
👌 Ramsey isn't a real moderator
📉 Bill What will the economy be like in 1 year?
🏎ī¸ Fast minus ~20% pts. but will recover in 3-4 years.
3y, 32w reply
Alec Hansen So anyone want to play games together? I like playing games but I also like playing games with smart people that like to chat, not just meatheads.
3y, 32w reply
👉 LÊo It worries me a little that there doesn't seem to be a "report" button next to posts and comments. Maybe there are mods around? I don't think NLP alone would catch everything.
🏎ī¸ Fast pls clarify policies
3y, 32w 3 replies
Alec Hansen I really hope that's a joke
🏎ī¸ Fast <sarcasm> yes it was a joke <\sarcasm>
3y, 32w reply
đŸ”ģ Trinity alright fellas, the big debate: windows, linux, macOS, haiku, reactOS (lul), bsd, unix, beos, amigaos, etc... what operating system do you use? what operating system do you like the best? and why?
🏎ī¸ Fast I use iOS the most ;) I like their take on privacy and encryption.
3y, 32w reply
📉 Bill I don't know of any other way to agree with you easily so i guuesss so? lol it's kind of refreshing with no up/downvotes
🏎ī¸ Fast really hope ppl will not start "-1"ing
3y, 32w 1 reply
📉 Bill like *people from outside a HN post join*
🏎ī¸ Fast if it's just the HN persona.. might actually be neat.
3y, 32w reply
🏎ī¸ Fast is this gonna be the new "likes" now... lol
3y, 32w 4 replies
📉 Bill VBA..... lol jk
🏎ī¸ Fast VB6 was my first lol no regrets
3y, 32w reply
🌊 Zero Two respecting user privacy aw yeah!
🏎ī¸ Fast well this is all public... nothing stopping anyone from mining all the text here...
3y, 32w reply
Mihail So far i'm impressed by the UX. I'd like to be able to see more context (original post + replies) in the search section. The replies on their own don't mean much without the context.
🏎ī¸ Fast +1 a small context shadow above would be 100%
3y, 32w 6 replies
👌 Ramsey They lied to me about the meme section
🏎ī¸ Fast don't believe everything you read on the internet bruh
3y, 32w reply
🌊 Zero Two take one node, go up to root, take the other node go up to root or until u hit one u already seen.
🏎ī¸ Fast you're hired!
3y, 32w reply
Ice given 2 nodes on a binary tree, return the lowest common ancestor in O(N) time
🏎ī¸ Fast I would tell you, but no markdown support on here...
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