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~ 30y old in Romania
🚴 Aditya That sounds interesting! How are you finding it?
Mihail It's the most well written biography I've ever read. It's less about Lyndon Johnson than it is about the US Senate and american history. The author spent decades doing research for the books (4 part series) and he won two Pulitzer prizes.
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🚴 Aditya What are you reading right now? I'm currently reading The World as It Is by Ben Rhodes.
Mihail The Years of Lyndon Johnson: Master of the Senate - Robert Caro
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☕ David Antoine Took a look a that list and it's incredibly dumb. I'm from Italian descent and I saw the word "Italiano" in that list. Si, sono Italiano! Yes, I'm Italian! How the heck is that offensive? Abuse, adult, Allah, blind, fire, girls and so much more perfectly normal words in that "offensive" list... Really? That's incredibly stupid. And that's the problem when you let demented people decide what's good or bad language.
Mihail It's offensive that these words are considered offensive.
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🌚 Nlggers I imagine I'll be disappearing shortly. Best of luck with your site.
Mihail In what sense you'll be disappearing?
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⚫ Aaron A cutline somewhere on the replies page to better indicate which ones haven't been read yet. I think any small emphasis would be a huge help :)
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🦄 Chip Uni I've been suffering worse from depression. My hopes for my birthday -- a longish travel through South America -- have been blown away. I haven't been able to meet friends. An annual convention I founded won't meet physically. So, it's been tough. But I'm doing what I can to keep my spirits up.
Mihail Thanks for sharing. I wish you the best!
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🦄 Chip Uni What (if anything) do you listen to while you're programming, or doing work that requires a lot of concentration?
Mihail Anything instrumental that can move to the background once in 'the zone'. If I like the music too much I never get around to beginning the work. Be Svendsen does the trick for me.
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John Noble Ben Rhodes' "The World as It Is" should be mandatory reading. I've never been so illuminated to the ways of politics. The playing off of interests to get even the smallest thing done. So when people say "they haven't pledged to end all wars" it's like, yeah. Impossible, I'm afraid.
Mihail Yes, it should be!
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🐢 Xia Do you know the feeling of sometimes feeling alone in the world despite family and friends? What do you do about it?
Mihail Sometimes. I'm still figuring it out.
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Adrian Delmar On making life easier for bootstrappers zlipa.com
Mihail Bookmarked it.
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😾 Oskar Wasn't there some Taleb essay about 4% of population being extremist enough to make whole nation extremist? Seems very intuitive if thought in context of network science. Explains why Twitter turned into pretty much private network of already well connected people.
Mihail Yes. It's a recurring theme in his books.
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🐽 Zxh Hello, first time here. Anyone interesting worth following? Pls tell me, thx :P
Mihail and the search section.. shows you all the latest replies.
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Re You can tell the site was made by a white male due to no reporting system
Mihail Actually, it's a sign that the site was made outside of USA.
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🦄 Chip Uni Lots of us here are programmers. What's your favorite programming language, and why?
Mihail Ruby because it has the most elegant name.
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Mihail The website just became white. Is that normal or am I tired?
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📉 Bill It changes based on your OS dark/light settings
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Daedalus won't a "like" feature kinda introduce public pressure?
Mihail it's awesome as it is. forces you to actually read the threads and respond. like a normal conversation.
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