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~ 27 years old in Romania
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The website just became white. Is that normal or am I tired?
It changes based on your OS dark/light settings
Has the pandemic impacted your mental health? How are you holding up?
Absolutely no impact whatsoever, I'm feeling good... For those who aren't well, focus on all the important things you have or people you love, I guess. And be patient. We are probably going to live with that thing for a long time...
I was quarantined for a fortnight and received a wellness check from the government near the end of it. When the lady was asking how I was doing I interpreted it as did I have all the supplies I needed. Didn't occur to me that being locked away for two weeks was something that could be devastating. So yeah it hasn't been too big of a deal, I was living a lockdown lifestyle before it was cool.
I've been suffering worse from depression. My hopes for my birthday -- a longish travel through South America -- have been blown away. I haven't been able to meet friends. An annual convention I founded won't meet physically. So, it's been tough. But I'm doing what I can to keep my spirits up.