Do what you can with what you have.
Software dev
9y, 7w Aiurea
Computer Engineering student, junior .Net developer and pop culture blogger (gib monies).
9y, 7w Saramon
Movie lover wanna-be, Toronto Raptors fan, working on WordPress, messing up with PHP and Javascript.
9y, 7w Bogdan
9y, 7w Mihai
IT, tehnologie, calatorii, filme, Steaua; fustangiu online, blochez prostii / IT, technology, travelling, movies, Steaua
9y, 6w Rfboris
Unable to type with boxing gloves on
UI Designer and Front-end Developer. Wannabe 3D artist and illustrator.
~ 29y old in Craiova
9y, 3w Flo
Interested in UI/UX design, tech, tv shows.
8y, 27w Iulian
fara resurse, retroactiv
8y, 21w Dalex
I'm a freelance UX Designer
8y, 17w Silverleaf
I don't know where i'm going, but i'm on my way!
3y, 10w Mihail
Polymath genius
~ 29y old in Romania
lyrical wanderer / IT (something) junior / thinker / human, after all
~ 44y old in Romania
A guy writing code ~ 39y old in Bucharest