Computer Engineering student, junior .Net developer and pop culture blogger (gib monies).
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Alin Rautoiu Is everyone here an webdev?
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Eric The content on Medium is mostly uninteresting drivel which is written as if its a life changing thing to read. The look & feel of the articles might seem high quality but the actual flesh is rarely anything special.
Alin Rautoiu That's not really a Medium problem, but a problem of contemporary storified journalism. A lighter, shallower offshoot of gonzo and New Journalism.
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Dpsouthwell Felt the need to try other social sites. Looked at this and Ello. Ello: still waiting for an invite. Sublevel: Welcome! *gives me hugs*
Alin Rautoiu Sublevel does pretty much everythong Ello does. And it looks and functions a whole lot better.
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Alin Rautoiu Omg, I forgot about this. Is this thing still on?
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The Cat I get my own box. :p
Alin Rautoiu But the house I pee on becomes mine. By now I practically own the entire block.
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Vomit I don't know where I am! Does anyone know where the bathroom is?
Alin Rautoiu I just use the tree down there. Or a piece of wall.
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Saramon For now, let's take it easy.
Alin Rautoiu Recursion is a whole lot easier in FP languages than in C-like one.
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Saramon Recursive method calls or Java-nception.
Alin Rautoiu If you really want to get incepted try Haskell (or any other FP language).
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Onkar Hey there? Whats the purpose of sublevel
Alin Rautoiu Attract an investor with a Twitter clone, make some money for the developers while they pray for the new tech bubble to keep from bursting.
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Alin Rautoiu I love that show.
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Fc Last new person was 1 day ago. Is it peak sublevel already?
Alin Rautoiu Probably.
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The Cat is enough dog
Alin Rautoiu Much dog.
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👽 Massimo cant tell if by luck or skill i programmed something that works @ 4 am
Alin Rautoiu Was it Hello World?
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🏀 Air Bud Alright , time for some #community building. What #music are you listening to?
Alin Rautoiu I listened to a lot of God is an Astronaut and Iron and Wine, lately.
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Anthony Nguyen clean minimal design. no bloat. good community
Alin Rautoiu There is a community?
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