I am the one and only cat of all of the servers...
💬 Subreply Reload Sublevel and enjoy a better looking, more visual activity tab. Gone are the days of red percentages. The best part? Summary table has the same size.
The Cat Hey can you add meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" to you head tag? It would make the mobile web app experience oh so much better
9y, 37w reply
The Cat I'm sorry I don't speak German
Hugh Spiller Es tut mir leid, dass ich kein Katzensprache kann.
Eric There are English speakers here, I don't speak a word of German either. Luckily G-Chrome has it's capable translate.
Mark Dain Neither do I. I wonder why there's a disproportionate number of Germans on here (not that it's a problem).
9y, 37w reply
Kiki "If you don't actively use Sublevel, please rename your account with an _ character and make good usernames available to somebody else." I like that.
The Cat actually! but you are preaching to the choir...
9y, 37w reply
Jan Rajtoral .. hi there y'all, how is everybody doing?
The Cat just woke up from a nap
9y, 38w reply
Alin Rautoiu I just use the tree down there. Or a piece of wall.
The Cat I get my own box. :p
9y, 38w 1 reply
Tomaslau Hello Sublevel. Is it going to be huge?
The Cat yes. meow
9y, 38w reply
Elib There's something kind of liberating about being able to say things and knowing no one is listening.
The Cat Except your cat... we know... we KNOW...
9y, 39w reply
Fc Last new person was 1 day ago. Is it peak sublevel already?
Simon Janes Hey , why do you jump on counters and steal the cheese?! How do you train for vertical leap?
The Cat Same way Olympic High Jumpers do it: eating.
9y, 41w reply
Ryan How's things ?
The Cat Things is fine. Ya know the usual: Nap. Sleep. Nap Sleep
9y, 41w reply
Atsmath I am in love.
The Cat ... with
9y, 41w reply
🏀 Air Bud There's a lot of graphic designers and computer people on sublevel, but not enough dogs.
The Cat is enough dog
9y, 41w 1 reply
The Cat The bath was pretty nice. Until the water was added.
9y, 42w reply ¬
Aabbaabbaa Most of my iOS Safari tabs are now sublevel, come on set the meta tags so it behaves as an app
9y, 42w reply
🏀 Air Bud Alright , time for some building. What are you listening to?
The Cat Cat Flushing a Toilet by Perry Grip
9y, 42w reply
Hilary Clinton be my running mate in 2016
The Cat Alright. I'm down. On the floor sleeping. Meow
9y, 42w reply