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👽 Massimo life update: not really eating meat anymore, stopped drinking coffee, sleep schedule is still fucked. I'm not really doing anything with music, but I've been drawing some. I'm skating again. I've been working at a startup for the last 2 years and it's doing fairly well. Post corona goals: move to the east bay or a new city, sleep more, get a dog
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🏀 Air Bud What do we do now?
👽 Massimo We continue where we left off!
🏀 Air Bud Woah, back on this website after many years. thank you for sending that email.
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Mark Dain How ... How do you even fuck up this badly? Explain this
🏀 Air Bud This is a good one!!
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Nagaprakash V. What can be tomorrow will have for Me within it?
🏀 Air Bud Your love for yourself. Just believe in positivity. Feel patience and kindness. WE are made of love.
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Nagaprakash V. Today is My 19th birthday...
🏀 Air Bud Happy birthday dude!!!!
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🏀 Air Bud hey buddy, hope you're doing well, lots of love, miss u
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Mathjokes Yes, let's do it!
🏀 Air Bud We are having fun in the void.
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🏀 Air Bud Hi I'm back again, with my boi on Skype. Let's have a sublevel meet-up. Hope to make new friends. Love you all.
Mathjokes Yes, let's do it!
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🏀 Air Bud I don't know what else there is to say.
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🏀 Air Bud How can we get Sublevel to beat Facebook?
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Tyler Deitz Got recognized by a mutual friend as "the guy who got sublevel hyped" ;)
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🏀 Air Bud I miss you guys.
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🏀 Air Bud It's been a while.
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Mathjokes I've missed you!
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