Do what you can with what you have.
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πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin If I don't approve the Google Play fake reviewer account(s) on Subreply, they will remove the app from store. So I won't, I like real people. Android app can be downloaded until October 9th. Instead you can use it as a web app on both Android and iOS.
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♦️ Robert Good on you for sticking to your principles!
β˜• David Antoine Did you remove the "saved" post/reply list? I see there is still the option to save a post or reply but I can't find anymore my saved list... Am I missing something?
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin There's a link for saved content on each profile.
πŸ¦” Tom C. forgot I'd even set this up lol
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin You are still here one year later.
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin I updated Subreply for Android to match light and dark system themes. Supravice was rejected by Google because it's a news app. They approved Num math calculator instead. Find them on my dev profile
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Zero Edge I guess it depends on the language? Are you mostly in JS or what? You don't step through your code when testing it?
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin I started using the debugger from Visual Studio Code. The new Python project I'm working on is so badly written that I have to use the debugger for each task.
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin Depression is lack of trust in your own intelligence. Trust can be rebuilt by doing little but smart things every day.
πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ Gianguido Highly recommend listening to the Carmack interview by Lex Fridman, if you're into podcasts. It's quite long (almost 5 and a half hour!) but well worth the listen.
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin Did they discuss about living in a simulation and how hard can it be to exit it? John seems to dedicate his entire life creating one.
πŸ˜€ Tom It seems like many people are having the same issues that I have with Subreply about flow/organization of threads: news.ycombinator.c...
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin Now that I introduced , I will consider a design change. But Mastodon has almost the same conversation view to browse a thread. Full threads on HN and Reddit require hide and unhide buttons, I don't even engage on conversations there. The value provided by Subreply is on real people and no fake news while everything else is a bonus.
πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ Gianguido Tomorrow marks the beginning of vacations! 12 days without work. Sweet.
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin I'm pretty happy with the typography on Supravice is the old news section from Subreply. And yes, I don't like Vice magazine.
Zero Edge New font looks great on here!
🐸 Simon Yeah the latest Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 with Ryzen 6000 series are amazing. High-refresh rate OLED panels, RDNA 2 graphics, good design, stellar battery life. A friend of mine has been trying to get his hands on one but sadly they're out of stock everywhere!
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin I got a 3rd party keyboard on the 2018 MBA. It feels great to type and program on, stable keys with lots of key travel. So good that I introduced already.
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🐸 Simon I don't know what the second-hand market is like in Bucharest but here if you wait for a couple of months you can get really good deals on new Apple stuff (I got the 14-inch MBP for EUR1500 a few months ago). But it's true that if your keyboard is broken and you need an immediate replacement that is not really an option.
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin Laptop is in service. I don't know what my next laptop will be, but M2 Air is a mess. I wish it had a native resolution at 2x like M1 Pro. But I don't like M1 Pro because is heavy (1.6 kg). I'm looking at Lenovo Yoga and LG Gram at 14-inches to run Fedora.
Vincent L. Instead of daily newspapers, there could be use in weekly, monthly and yearly event reviews. Maybe with some analyses but each should keep concise.
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin Did you check the News section? Only the latest article from each source is shown making it easier to digest it all.
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin What if there are two time dimensions? One flowing forwards and another one backwards. Like in a database, current state is linked to many possible outcomes and many possible outcomes are linked back to one entry point.
πŸ˜€ Tom I'm an idiot. So a while back I figured out how to get my Windows and Ubuntu partitions to share the same Bluetooth mouse without repairing it each time (the instructions online did not work), and now that I re-installed Ubuntu, I forgot how exactly I did it. I could have just copied the config, but I didn't think to. Here's to another X hours trying to figure it out again :-/
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin I wanted to replace my 2018 MBA with an LG Gram 14 because keyboard is broken. Then I was thinking about messing up config files on Linux and I gave up. I have to pay around $175 to replace the keyboard. MBA M2 is way too expensive in Europe.
NicolΓ‘s Parada Awesome. Doesn't look anything crazy. Maybe it is just a well designed and simple database schema... How do you query the feed from SQL. Do you use fan-out, or fan-in?
πŸ‘½ Lucian Marin For feed I fetch ids of friends and pass them as filter to entries table. The only optimization here is that you friend yourself when you register. With Subreply and I want to prove that Python can be fast enough for real world usage.