Do what you can with what you have.
πŸ’ Lucian Marin I don't understand why Apple TV isn't also a ultra short throw projector. Call it Apple TV Pro and deliver it.
πŸ’ Lucian Marin Combined effects of berberine and probiotics seem powerful: I am glad I have access to good studies. This way I'm not afraid of combining certain supplements. There're other studies where berberine or probiotics stop the progression of arthritis. I finished treatment for H. Pylori, but arthritis is still here. Now all the doctors say I have side effects of fluoroquinolones, but I don't have any muscle pain or tendon issues. Last month I walked 471 km. This month I didn't pass 90 km because I got really tired. I should go swimming while records on Google Fit can take a rest.
πŸ€™ Ihor Stefurak A tool designed to help people learn to think using mental models
πŸ’ Lucian Marin Hi, Byron. Welcome!
🦧 Simon Gray Just realised my SD slots are more universally compatible on my devices than various gens of USB
πŸ’ Lucian Marin I want to move my backup data from external SSD to microSD but they are still pretty expensive to achieve the same speed.
πŸ’ Lucian Marin Where did you find you about Subreply?
πŸ˜€ Tom It's been almost 9 years ago for me, but I think it was HN.
πŸ’ Lucian Marin I tested positive for Pylori. I'm so scared to take two antibiotics at the same time. What if autoimmune goes badly... what if autoimmune is from Pylori (
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πŸ’ Lucian Marin Dr. House: Okay, autoimmune. I'll run a lupus panel. Infection fits best. [picks up his cane from the board]
πŸ’ Lucian Marin It seems that my autoimmune disease is induced by leaky gut. Yesterday I received the Zonulin in the blood result and it's pretty high. It's a sort of arthritis with red eyes. Red eyes go away if I sleep well. I will take probiotics as long as needed. I will try other supplements for leaky gut as well. I hope that something will work in the end.
🦧 Simon Gray Cooked on a weeknight. Mincemeat smell all through the kitchen, classy/trashy...=🍷win!
πŸ’ Lucian Marin Smells really good!
πŸ’ Lucian Marin Histamine in my blood is a bit over the maximum level. I'm using a product similar to IgY Max to treat this annoying and energy wasting disease. I'm waiting for Zonulin and DAO results.
πŸ’ Lucian Marin X is now Facebook. Threads is filled with Instagram people who don't like to write. Basically, Subreply is the new Twitter.
πŸ’ Lucian Marin I walked 23 km today. Rheumatologist told me not to hurt myself until this year is over. If I stay inside, I feel pain all day long. If I go outside, I feel less pain. Pain is moving from one joint to the other. I joined support groups for reactive arthritis on Facebook, people there lived with it for 25 years.
πŸ’ Lucian Marin is taken. No rebranding, but Twitter is gone.
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πŸ™‚ Roy Hey, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope and pray that you will recover soon. I just looked it up because I had no idea what it was. The signs and symptoms are quite unnerving.
πŸ’ Lucian Marin Even more crazy is that I have perfect blood tests. I don't understand why I got this. I don't even have the genetic marker HLA-B27 for it. Two months of pain and it doesn't stop.