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🐞 Lucian Marin Meta and Twitter charge users around $12 per month, not year and still serving you ads. That's insane. Everyone should move to Mastodon and Subreply.
👽 Paul Webb Does Subreply have image/video support?
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😀 Tom Does it give you a count somewhere?
👽 Paul Webb I believe it was a minus sign or something. Maybe a "-1"? I forget.
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👽 Paul Webb I lost a follower? Lol okay.
😀 Tom Does it give you a count somewhere?
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🥨 Stephen Niedzielski ♣️♦️ Super Patience is now live! It's only pixelated solitaire, but it's the first game I've finished using my own engine. Play at! ♥️♠️
👽 Paul Webb This is very well done. I've never been used to Solitaire with 3 cards but I'm enjoying this and the aesthetic you've created. EDIT: I've yet to win.
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🐞 Lucian Marin Mastodon is going really well (, actually not. Twitter doesn't have third party apps anymore.
👽 Paul Webb What a mess. I'm using Mastodon via Ivory (same devs from Tweetbot) and it's a wonderful experience.
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👽 Paul Webb Oh wow, my account still works. What's up people?
👽 Paul Webb When I'm coding on my MBP, having my iMac display fullscreen videos of Deus Ex: Human Revolution/Mankind Divided soundtracks from Gaming Ambience on YouTube is super nice.
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Miso What project are you all working on these days?
👽 Paul Webb I'm working on V2 of, I hope to be done in Q1 of this year.
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🐞 Lucian Marin I will continue working on Sublevel. There's a list of features ( I want to add on GitHub. Hopefully you will make Socii public so I can join and promote it.
👽 Paul Webb Hey Lucian! I'm currently working on making the infrastructure better. I've felt limited with Express and just discovered the beauty that is fastify and choo. Currently revamping the marketing site. Socii will become public once I add notifications.
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🐞 Lucian Marin Cambridge Analytica is shutting down, Facebook is just fine. This is the world we live in, the big guys always win. I wish someone would have the courage to shut down Facebook. MZ is smiling in our faces, again and again and again.
👽 Paul Webb FB is too big to fail, just like the oil companies. However, it's big enough to die slowly...just like the oil companies. As long as there are people like us creating alternatives, everything will turn out okay in the end.
👽 Paul Webb I like the subtle updates made here!
Seth Kontny october 29th is my birthday as well.
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🐞 Lucian Marin Peepeth ( is so idealistic that you can't edit or delete anything from it. Developers are building all kinds of things in the name of freedom, but users aren't actually free.
👽 Paul Webb I found scrolling on that site jarring. I kept seeing the same posts over and over again, started to give me a headache.
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🐞 Lucian Marin I'm using a Gmail filter that searches and labels mails that contain the word "unsubscribe". It skips the inbox then I check it later to see if I received something worthy.
👽 Paul Webb Oh wow, that's not a bad idea! I wonder if I can do this in Postbox.
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☕ David Antoine Indeed! I also watched "Altered Carbon", liked it a lot...
👽 Paul Webb I have yet to watch that, too busy coding!
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