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When I'm coding on my MBP, having my iMac display fullscreen videos of Deus Ex: Human Revolution/Mankind Divided soundtracks from Gaming Ambience on YouTube is super nice.
I like the subtle updates made here!
october 29th is my birthday as well.
Testing. Hmm, okay.
Unfortunately, my main browser (Firefox) doesn't support webp so I do see some loading. I just had an idea to have a lil' gradient animation...that could work!
I haven't been super active on social media for the past month and that's because of the work I'm doing on my own. To manage images, I've created a service that converts jpg/png to webp. Only Chrome supports it natively but I have a hacky plugin that replaces webp with base64'd data in other browsers.
What's new with y'all? It's been super quiet here since the new year.
Trying to find a new normal.
Nothing special, I'm most of the time at work and tired when I'm back at home... Not doing anything special for the time being... Pretty depressing
Learning keyboard shortcuts. And, uh, trying to finally get a new job now that the holidays are over and I'm back in Holland.
Is it a good idea to allow deletion of other people's comments on your post? I noticed a delete button and thought it was a bug but the comment was deleted!
What if you receive an unwanted reply? You should be able to delete it.
Two days from now marks a year I've been Facebook free!
There's also this article that poses the question if Intel's vulnerability is instead a backdoor (since they knew about the flaw for quite some time)
Anyone who wants a primer on the Intel debacle and the security issue that also plagues AMD should check this out Put it in terms I could understand.
Here's my thought process behind Socii
Thanks for mentioning Sublevel. Good luck with the hosting issues!
Hey everyone, the site for my social network is up! You can sign up for updates and read about the mission.
I've registered for updates as it sounds pretty good; own your data, don't store passwords, etc. If you have an HN account, go to /new as I just posted it; upvote from there!
Super excited for this!
I registered!
Oh now photos are gone. Okay.
s/photos/private messages/. 3 times by my count. Better also create an link incase this message gets deleted like the last one that was critical of Sublevel...
Huh, uploaded photos can only be square.
Found another Lucian that runs a social network.
ADAM: Episode 3 was released recently With every one, I gain new questions.
Indeed, waiting for the next episode... Have you watched the behind the scenes? They really put a lot of great work into this. It's impressive what they are doing in general and in particular with Unity in that case.