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Martijn Man these do look hot. pocketpenguins.com
Nagaprakash V. Even now avail in India :)
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Nagaprakash V. I was once updated about moving into Data related IT Job. Yes now I'm on it. Lot of hard work in recent time. Busy, even have't think about FB and all. Missed you all..
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Nagaprakash V. Still unable to post by my firefox phone. Getting a newline!
🏒 Lucian Marin Can't do anything about it. You need stock Android keyboad or an iOS device.
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Nagaprakash V. Happy Diwali Friends... I hope you all have a great day...
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Nagaprakash V. Work -> Produce -> Consume
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Laserfloyd Just wanted to say it's a foggy morning. Also, trying my hand at nitrating some cotton paper. Flash paper! :)
Nagaprakash V. Are you poetic?
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Nagaprakash V. I am back...
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Nagaprakash V. I love India
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Nagaprakash V. There is no such important for the column London Day by Day in The Daily Telegraph before 1930. Reuters and Central News agencies are only the NEWS was..
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Nagaprakash V. I don't have any kind of Address, ID and Age proof. It's hard to get it here. And that is what I must do within this year...
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Nagaprakash V. Relationships can't be created... It should born...
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Aleks Twenty is like a TV episode. Overly simplifying, but some shorts are full stories and some are experimental ones - trials of camera techniques, characters, scenes and so on. They are like lab experiments and not really enjoyable for the average person. I recommend making something closer to a real story, if you want to show it to people other than people in cinema. It doesn't mean that you can't experiment - you could still do that, but as long as you have a story, people will enjoy it. I can't reply to my reply on Sublevel, but when you answer, I'll write more. Tell me more about your idea/intentions/plan.
Nagaprakash V. Actually it's having a story only now, not even perfect script. A ttenager facing few struggles when he searching for his missing costly cycle, He bought last day. The interactions of people around him and the new people he meet on the way of his search is the plot for this short film. This is going ask how life style could change a persons behaviour, in terms of cast or money or education...
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Aleks How short are we talking? A 20-min short film or one closer to 5?
Nagaprakash V. What is the requirement for a good short film? And, what is the borders for it? I have wrote a basic outline of a story today, can you guide me?
Aleks How short are we talking? A 20-min short film or one closer to 5?
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Nagaprakash V. Today is My 19th birthday...
🏀 Air Bud Happy birthday dude!!!!
Mathjokes Happy birthday!!!!!
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Nagaprakash V. What can be tomorrow will have for Me within it?
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🏀 Air Bud Your love for yourself. Just believe in positivity. Feel patience and kindness. WE are made of love.
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