They say it's lonely at the top that's why I plan to take all of you with me
~ 32y old in India
Maker || Day Dreamer ~ 27y old in India
Blogger and OTT Expert and Interested in digging deep into vod streaming media business tools and Love to
Abhishek is a graduate in Electronics and Instrumentation currently working with REVE Systems.
Design optimization of crude oil pipelines.
Telecom Engineer. Wanderer in Vedanta.
One word: Freak.
Hobby coder
be silly, be weird, be kind.
~ 22y old in India
~ 19y old in India
Prime Minister of India
I'm interested in everything
Techno | Chelsea | SQL
Tech & Two Wheels ~ 51y old in India
Hey All !!!
~ 28y old in India
Fullstack Developer