Electrical Engineer, Policy Wonk
nitinpai.in ~ 46.4y old in India
11h 🦆 Vivek
Hi, it's me Vivek.
slice of an uncommon pie.
Digital Marketer by profession. Curious about lot of things. Here to learn, teach and explore.
~ 29y old in India
Your Solutions Person for Data. ❤️ Data Science, Python, Anime, Mythology, AI, Web3...
Working at the intersection of ML, Dev and DevOps @ LUMN.
~ 24.4y old in Bangalore
5w Anirudh
Security, geopolitics, motorsport, fitness and startups.
icyphox.sh ~ 22.5y old in Bangalore
~ 33y old in India
30w Raghu Raji
~ 35.4y old in India
~ 21.5y old in India
Maker || Day Dreamer
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44w Meryem Rai
Blogger and OTT Expert and Interested in digging deep into vod streaming media business tools and Love to
Abhishek is a graduate in Electronics and Instrumentation currently working with REVE Systems.
Design optimization of crude oil pipelines.
1y, 8w Lil
1y, 14w Satish
Telecom Engineer. Wanderer in Vedanta.
1y, 19w Shrikant
One word: Freak.
1y, 24w James Kirk
Hobby coder
be silly, be weird, be kind.
~ 23y old in India
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~ 20y old in India
Prime Minister of India