Hi, it's me Vivek.
😀 Tom Read a book in one day, today. I hadn't done that in over 20 years. This one was a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child.
🤚🏻 Vivek How was it?
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🤚🏻 Vivek Everyone, I recently started learning backend development and have completed studying Node.js and Express. I made a jobs API by following a project, and I have learned a lot about how APIs work and how to make them. What are some more projects that I can make to find an internship as a backend developer?
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🤚🏻 Vivek Why is JavaScript so frustrating?
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🤚🏻 Vivek Lucian, you need to market Subreply well because I think it has the potential to be a good alternative to Twitter.
😀 Tom I just use Subreply on my phone, and the user interface is more confusing that Twitter's. Subreply could have had a chance if Lucian changed it a while back when it was brought up by several users, but Lucian liked the way it was. I am curious if Subreply could scale though. I think the ship has sailed to Mastadon instances. At this point, Subreply would have to do something that Mastadon does not deliver on, that people want.
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😀 Tom NaNoWriMo is coming up. I've always wanted to write a novel. I have several ideas in my head, the problem is they need a lot of research, I can't just sit down and start turning out words.
🤚🏻 Vivek What's it about?
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🤚🏻 Vivek there used to be an about page, right? where we could see which programming language has been used in subreply. by the way, it's Django, right?
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😀 Tom Just discovered a new book, it is inspiring me to come up with ideas for a novel I want to write.
🤚🏻 Vivek What's the book called?
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🤚🏻 Vivek I am thinking of starting a personal blog, any suggestions?
🐞 Lucian Marin Check out the blogging services created by .
👨‍💻 Matthieu V. if you're willing to build it yourself, I can recommend eleventy 11ty.dev
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🤚🏻 Vivek I'm back, after so many days.
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🤚🏻 Vivek Hey Guys Do You know where I can find php.ini page on my hosting
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🤔 John If it's not in the common locations for your OS / distribution you can find out with phpinfo: ostraining.com/blo...
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😀 Tom Hey! Glad you're giving Sublevel a try. I recommend exploring and finding some people to follow to see what's going on.
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🤔 John Hey, welcome to the cutting-edge of the internet. Glad you found it!
🤚🏻 Vivek When this social network was discovered
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☕ David Antoine Hi guy ! Welcome !
🤚🏻 Vivek Thanks Bro
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☕ David Antoine Hi guy ! Welcome !
🤔 John Hey, welcome to the cutting-edge of the internet. Glad you found it!
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🐞 Lucian Marin The new messages view should be part of Activity and following tab should be moved to Explore. Timeline should be part of user search. This will basically ruin the current workflow, so I'm not sure how all these pages could fit together.
🤚🏻 Vivek By the way have you made this website??
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