Hi, it's me Vivek.
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🏒 Lucian Marin I will reserve Sundays for updates if there are any feature requests. I will shut down Unfeeder and work on Subcubes similar to Twitter Communities.
🦆 Vivek Integrating unfeeder with subreply was a superb idea.
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😀 Tom Just discovered a new book, it is inspiring me to come up with ideas for a novel I want to write.
🦆 Vivek What's the book called?
💚 Priyal Kumar accidently closed all of my tabs(100+) in my chrome(android phone). as many of the tabs were open for months; they don't appear in history. "Recent Tabs" only shows last few tabs. can't find a way how to restore. help if you can. feels sad.is there any file in which chrome keeps a list of open tabs and closed tabs
🦆 Vivek I don't think I can work with 100 tabs opened, it'll be distracting.
🦆 Vivek I am thinking of starting a personal blog, any suggestions?
☀️ Robert Do it! Self-host, perhaps with Aegea blogengine.me
🏒 Lucian Marin Check out the blogging services created by .
👨‍💻 Matthieu V. if you're willing to build it yourself, I can recommend eleventy 11ty.dev
🦆 Vivek I'm back, after so many days.
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🦆 Vivek Hey Guys Do You know where I can find php.ini page on my hosting
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🤔 John If it's not in the common locations for your OS / distribution you can find out with phpinfo: ostraining.com/blo...
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😀 Tom Hey! Glad you're giving Sublevel a try. I recommend exploring and finding some people to follow to see what's going on.
🤔 John Hey, welcome to the cutting-edge of the internet. Glad you found it!
🦆 Vivek When this social network was discovered
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☕ David Antoine Hi guy ! Welcome !
🦆 Vivek Thanks Bro
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🦆 Vivek Hey Guys
☕ David Antoine Hi guy ! Welcome !
🤔 John Hey, welcome to the cutting-edge of the internet. Glad you found it!
🏒 Lucian Marin The new messages view should be part of Activity and following tab should be moved to Explore. Timeline should be part of user search. This will basically ruin the current workflow, so I'm not sure how all these pages could fit together.
🦆 Vivek By the way have you made this website??
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