American in Amsterdam. Physics, MBA, code, worked in strategy and VC. Want to connect with people better with tech...
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Welcome HN readers! has made a nice little community here. You may have seen this site as Sublevel or Dubfi in the past.
This is the third iteration? What have been the main differences between Dubfi -> Sublevel -> Subreply?
Listening on has me thinking about the use case that I want. I often use ios text-to-speech to listen to articles while I work with my hands, but only when they are sufficiently long. Otherwise it's too much hassle to find another article to read. Think I need an easy way to compile articles together for tts. Maybe even a custom podcast feed...
That was the initial idea to built a podcast. It can be done using source, title and description of each article.
Hmm single and double quotes not accepted
Curly quotes are Unicode characters and now they are converted.
On that topic, emoji is not accepted either.
Hmm lower character limit makes the stuff migrated from sublevel a bit awkward.
Tractor Shopping, from my trip home to Idaho. (Edit: forgot that it crops square...)
Are you planning on getting one? What for?
How did you find your current job?
Brute force then a bit of luck and trust from the employer. Brute force because I applied to any job description that had Python in it.
Neofeud is delightfully weird so far.
Maybe you folks have ideas - what's a good django codebase to browse if I want to get a feel for real-world usage?
Even the most complex Django apps share the same components as the simplest blog tutorial you can find. That's how I started. Take a look at Awesome Django ( on GitHub.
I've made my Twitter much less interesting, and it's revealed how draining it is to read Twitter all the time. I went from 3k following to 2k, by removing most of the high-content accounts that were entertaining but not personally meaningful to me. I can't say that I've been measurably more productive, but I have read several books and dozens of articles that have been in my backlog. It's incredibly helpful for me to not have a "default" time wasting opportunity. Somehow Twit
Twitter was great last year. I exchanged DMs with Elon Musk and got some replies from Eli Schiff, Steve Troughton-Smith, Ben Geskin. I will focus on LinkedIn and Subcafe from now on. Only if Subcafe could have resumes...
Still working through Grokking Algorithms and looking for my next book towards data analysis / data science.
I'm working on a new portfolio website, hoping to combine some microblog, html experiments, etc in one place. What are some of the best portfolio sites you've seen?
I always try and keep an eye on DesignerNews, you get some good portfolios posted there regularly. I'd advise against having a blog unless you're committed to posting regularly on it. Too often there's portfolios with absolutely dead blogs which don't come off well imo.
Hey , curious if you know anything about Vector Watch in Bucharest that was acquired by Fitbit? I've seen sometimes that local-language articles / interviews disclose more info about acquisitions than american press. Trying to figure out if they were bought to get a foundation of affordable devs in Romania or if they're continuing with the Vector product.
Vector Watch was cancelled from the start. The Vector hardware team was integrated with the Fitbit hardware team. Fitbit offices in Bucharest are hiring people on the cloud software and iOS/Android apps as you can see on LinkedIn. But you're right, Romanians are the most competent and affordable developers any corporation can find.
On the topic of social networks:
Anybody here familiar with q / kdb? Just started tinkering with it after finding an old bookmark. Pretty weird.
So, there's a lot of talk on here about social networks, especially since sub level is an experimental social network with a modest community of quality users. I know some of you have talked about or are working on your own network. I agree that existing networks have evolved in ways I'm not happy with. What can we do differently? What could separate your network (or the next alternative network) from the existing ones? What problems are they and aren't they solving?
And give away our secret ideas? :-)
Haha, I agree with Tom but I can share some high-level ideas. The main thing is changing the incentive for network operators. Currently, advertising rules all so I'm taking that away with Socii. Being user-funded, with a marketplace isn't going to make me super successful or cash positive anytime soon and I'm okay with that.
Implementation is key, not ideas. I really liked a lot of social networks at first, but once they grown the experience suffered.
Logged back in here, and wishing I hadn't deleted the app. How's it going folks?
I wish I didn't delete it from App Store in the first place. I didn't know it will be almost impossible to get it back. But there's a chance you can get it back using Purchased option from App Store.
I had no idea the app was removed, I still have it on my phone.