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🔺 Erno Hopearuoho Feedback form would be nice. Currently I'm just spamming my feedback with tag and hoping that notices at some point :)
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🌌 Tom agreed!
🔺 Erno Hopearuoho A lot of scrolling required, especially on the Trending section. Would be nice to be able to fold threads and maybe not display all replies by default. My guess is that most people who open Trending only see top one or two threads (due to the large amount of replies), showing only the original post of each would help discovery.
🗨️ Fui I agree. Subreply must have a folding button.
🧩 Ben i guess it would add some extra javascript... this is the entire js file: /static/script.js
🤔 John Welcome HN readers! has made a nice little community here. You may have seen this site as Sublevel or Dubfi in the past.
🔺 Erno Hopearuoho This is the third iteration? What have been the main differences between Dubfi -> Sublevel -> Subreply?
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💹 Rj 'Thread' would make sense only if it went to the first post of the thread which is not always the case.
🔺 Erno Hopearuoho Good point. I guess it's more like 'context' then. Main problem for me here is that the Search feed is currently the main route to discover new content and messages there are removed from all context. What I want to see is the context for those messages before thinking about replying them.
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🔺 Erno Hopearuoho I'm losing my mind. Have I really typoed word 'opens' two times in a row.
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🔺 Erno Hopearuoho Another weird functionality. Clicking open a search for "", but returns everything that contains "subreply" (without the hashtag). In order to search for the hashtag itself you need to search "##subreply". This doesn't seem to be working as it should?
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🔺 Erno Hopearuoho It seems that 'Search' open a feed of latest content in the platform in chronological order. Does anyone else feel like the 'reply' button should read 'thread'?
💹 Rj 'Thread' would make sense only if it went to the first post of the thread which is not always the case.