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☝ Jean-David Moisan Have you seen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? It's on Amazon Prime.
💹 Rj No I haven't. Thanks! Will do.
💹 Rj Hey Subreply, any good new series to watch? I just finished Little Fires Everywhere, as a drama drama it was excellent. Any recommendations?
☝ Jean-David Moisan Have you seen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? It's on Amazon Prime.
Dubdee It's not new, but I just started watching the Alone series
Michael Toomim Nice music.
💹 Rj I can to see what Subreply was and I've been here an hour
🐜 Pepijn Hello stranger!
💹 Rj Hi Pepjin, nice username you managed to get
🔺 Erno Hopearuoho Good point. I guess it's more like 'context' then. Main problem for me here is that the Search feed is currently the main route to discover new content and messages there are removed from all context. What I want to see is the context for those messages before thinking about replying them.
💹 Rj I see what you mean. I'm getting used to 'discovering' the context by clicking on the timestamp of a subthread and again the timestamp of that first post to go to the full thread.
💹 Rj Subreply is so inviting to talk to strangers.
🐜 Pepijn Hello stranger!
Marvin Wiik Hi stranger! It's clean. I prefer clean. Hope it can be an established platform.
🔺 Erno Hopearuoho It seems that 'Search' open a feed of latest content in the platform in chronological order. Does anyone else feel like the 'reply' button should read 'thread'?
💹 Rj 'Thread' would make sense only if it went to the first post of the thread which is not always the case.
🚂 Ekle I'm working on a service for building a professional community, personal websites and blogs. Please let me know any suggestions.
💹 Rj Your service looks nice! How about custom domains so users can use their own domains?
Dubdee My own version of
💹 Rj For yourself or as a service?
Cole Hudson The network tab in firefox's devtools got a makeover, looks excellent
💹 Rj Try it on Firefox Nightly
Ian Kettlewell Working on my website, but quickly distracted learning about font design.
💹 Rj font design is certainly a rabbit hole
Felix What are you currently reading? I need inspirations
💹 Rj Eddy Snowden's Permanent Record
🐠 Sam E. Today is the release date for an mobile app projects I've made with my life partner during the past 1-2 month of lockdown. Play Store review times are quite long, but it should be live later during the day :)
💹 Rj Congrats on the launch Sam
💹 Rj I think this might be real deal, it has that certain je ne sais quoi flair
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