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👽 Massimo Coding late into the night tonight. Having fun with rich text editors :|
Mathjokes Hi Massimo! How are you?
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👽 Massimo We continue where we left off!
Mathjokes To infinity and beyond!
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🏀 Air Bud We are having fun in the void.
Mathjokes I'm having a blast!
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Nagaprakash V. Today is My 19th birthday...
Mathjokes Happy birthday!!!!!
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🏀 Air Bud Hi I'm back again, with my boi on Skype. Let's have a sublevel meet-up. Hope to make new friends. Love you all.
Mathjokes Yes, let's do it!
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🏀 Air Bud It's been a while.
Mathjokes I've missed you!
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👽 Massimo will puncayshun do it tonight?
Mathjokes He did it!
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Mathjokes Why did the chicken cross the Mobius strip? To get to the same side.
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Mathjokes Where do mathematicians go when they are sick? To l'Hospital!
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