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👽 Massimo Coding late into the night tonight. Having fun with rich text editors :|
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Mathjokes Hi Massimo! How are you?
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👽 Massimo life update: not really eating meat anymore, stopped drinking coffee, sleep schedule is still fucked. I'm not really doing anything with music, but I've been drawing some. I'm skating again. I've been working at a startup for the last 2 years and it's doing fairly well. Post corona goals: move to the east bay or a new city, sleep more, get a dog
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🏀 Air Bud What do we do now?
👽 Massimo We continue where we left off!
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👽 Massimo life update: still eating meat, still drinking coffee, still going to bed late, but a little bit less, a lot less, and a little bit earlier. still working on music stuff but in a different way. no longer skating or speedrunning, but my joints might thank me later. into ergonomic chairs because design is fun and i sit in chairs a lot. took a year off work to learn some things, now looking for a job to learn some more things and maybe make a difference.
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🐞 Lucian Marin Everyone is looking for a new job here (see ), including myself.
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Tyler Deitz have you tried this? i've seen some different chemistry-based coffee strategies pop up recently. (
👽 Massimo update: tried this in portalnd and they put salt in it too and it was undrinkable and cost $6
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👽 Massimo i've been programming a lot recently
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Saramon This is a cool idea. Damn it, I think you gave me something to work on.
👽 Massimo did you ever do this because i'm about to if u didn't
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👽 Massimo what do programmers even do anyways
Tyler Deitz i think they just folow ppl on twitter
Eric Set the tv and radio schedules
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Caitlin to survive WTC collapse you had to be in the
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👽 Massimo javascripture
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Paul Woolcock "And so Crockford said unto thee, javascript shalt have Good Parts(tm) and bad parts, and thus it was written. And lo, the people shall henceforth only use the Good Parts(tm), and there was much rejoicing"
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👽 Massimo woop woop
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Simon Janes Coffee with a Green Tea chaser. (caffeine + l-theanine)
👽 Massimo sounds yummy
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👽 Massimo headache without caffeine.. time to make a change
Simon Janes Coffee with a Green Tea chaser. (caffeine + l-theanine)
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👽 Massimo my is in - free music streaming with crowdfunding, good for musicians and their listeners
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👽 Massimo anyone else speed running tonight?
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👽 Massimo xiu xiu's always is better than i remember
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