I'm a writer, currently writing the greatest rock film ever made .
Aleks I watched - the series first (loved it, 10/10) and then the film (meh). The film felt like a season recap. It was SO fast - events just happen one after the other like a music video. There was no time for scenes/events/dialogues to sink in. TV series are just a better format for story telling. Shows are like a visual novel, they take their time and tell the story on their own terms. TV series make films look like a tweet in comparison, like someone trying to say as much as they can in 90 minutes/140 characters.
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Aleks I just got stood up by Craigslist seller. I was supposed to buy a MIDI keyboard and the other person was a no-show. What the hell?
Martijn Wait... people still buy and sell things on Craigslist?! I only know Craigslist from jokes about weird people hanging out on Craigslist...
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Aleks In Arabic: Qubtan - Captain Qursan - Pirate It's just way too convenient.
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Khll haha I've never noticed that.
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Aleks I want my film to be iconic, not just scenes, locations and dialogues, but unique objects: Sarah Lund's sweater, Saga Noren's leather pants and Porsche, the blue meth, Walt's hat, the RV, Scofield's tattoos, Mad Men's costumes, Dexter's blood sample trophies...
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Aleks Twenty is like a TV episode. Overly simplifying, but some shorts are full stories and some are experimental ones - trials of camera techniques, characters, scenes and so on. They are like lab experiments and not really enjoyable for the average person. I recommend making something closer to a real story, if you want to show it to people other than people in cinema. It doesn't mean that you can't experiment - you could still do that, but as long as you have a story, people will enjoy it. I can't reply to my reply on Sublevel, but when you answer, I'll write more. Tell me more about your idea/intentions/plan.
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Nagaprakash V. What is the requirement for a good short film? And, what is the borders for it? I have wrote a basic outline of a story today, can you guide me?
Aleks How short are we talking? A 20-min short film or one closer to 5?
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Aleks Do Russians call Odinochnoe zakliuchenie Od-Zak? It would sound similar to Ad Seg (Administrative segregation) which is the same thing!
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Aleks Why do people watch torrented Handcam films? It's such a shitty experience.
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Aleks Call me a perfectionist, but in my efforts to avoid stock characters or one dimensional characters (they try to help or they try to stop the protagonist), I spend a day mapping out every single character in the film, who they are, what's their story, what they want, etc.
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Aleks Does anyone have unique cultural things about the peoples that would be interesting in a movie? Something like, they put lemon in their coffee, biting on a sugar cube while drinking tea (tea with sugar), red roses are only for funerals (!!), etc?
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Aleks I don't get why Walter White never told his family from the fucking get-go "Neo-Nazis killed Hank" instead of having to listen to his son shout "you asshole, you killed Uncle Hank. Why did you kill Uncle Hank? Uncle Hank? Why did you kill him? You killed Uncle Hank!" for 10 minutes non-stop. If Walter really killed two heavily armed DEA agents WHILE handcuffed, I don't think any prison is going to be able to keep him there.
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Aleks Some scenes are parts of phrases or expressions. There's a Russian expression: "Destiny does not know the subjunctive case" (no could've, would've, should've). So one scene in my film is called "The Subjunctive Case."
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Aleks What helps me a lot in writing scene names is giving the scene a cool name, as if each scene were an episode or a film on its own. Prison Break and Breaking Bad had really cool episode names.
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Aleks Everyone loves watching film scenes of someone put a plan into action and seeing it work beautifully. We somehow get that "success high" with them.
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Aleks I'm using Mapster to make maps for my film.
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Aleks Upon completing the first draft, I will make a voice version of the screenplay, just to get the duration guesstimation right.
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