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Dpsouthwell We've taken our foosball league to a new level. There's now a fantasy foosball league.
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Eric None, so far. I've got several ideas Im burning to get onto paper though. Its just I have no confidence in my own texts.
Dpsouthwell Yeah, getting started is really hard. Doing it for fun with low expectations is a good way to start.
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Eric Are there many on Sublevel?
Dpsouthwell I'm a writer. What sort of writing do you do?
Dpsouthwell I'm the best foosballer.
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Dpsouthwell Writing is like writing code but it has to make sense to everyone.
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Dpsouthwell Finally made the switch to Mac. Never going back. Now just to remember Command instead of Control.
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Mark Myerson My view: sans serif for screens, serif for paper.
Dpsouthwell Good rule. I'm going to adopt that. When serif, Garamond is without peer.
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Dpsouthwell Gambled on an actor being able to sing, and it payed off. Surprising amounts of soul.
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Leithart just leave it as is. make the actor figure it out.
Dpsouthwell I don't really like encouraging them to think for themselves.
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Dpsouthwell When I'm too zoned out to type coherent sentences, that's one thing. But sometimes I can't even tell what word I was attempting to spell.
Leithart just leave it as is. make the actor figure it out.
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Eric History, nature, programing, anything really. Something will grab my interest and I'll run with it. No fixed interests!
Dpsouthwell Fixed interests are way to restrictive anyway
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Eric Setting up a new personal website, got me a nice 4 letter .org :)
Dpsouthwell What's your website about? You seem to like history...
Chris Thomson I think I've got an interesting blog post germinating in my brain about media, rumour and narrative but frustratingly I don't seem to have the mental capacity to write it down. I hate days like this! :s
Dpsouthwell That sounds fascinating!
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Dpsouthwell The early days of a site like this are so wild west. Question is: what color cowboy hat should I wear?
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Dpsouthwell Nothing like seeing an animator make your script look really great.
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Alson Kaw I'll try it on Sublevel haha
Dpsouthwell Perfect!
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