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Martijn I don't really need it either, I am perfectly fine with the old versions. More than that actually. I do hate how MacRumors has been "working to get more codes" and telling me to "stay tuned" ever since I saw your link. If you ran out of codes, just stop the give-away...
Mark Myerson They have put more codes up now //
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Mark Myerson The more I listen to it, the more I'm convinced that Random Access Memories is going to be seen as one of the great albums of our time in years to come. Up there with Thriller, Rumours, etc.
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Mark Myerson Also, if you haven't heard of, or are yet to try Angle and Curve's Carboncans (headphones), I suggest you Google them immediately. Amazing sound, nice quality, great price.
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Mark Myerson Well it might be more than two years old, but the Samsung S4 is still a great phone. Just bought a manufacturer-refurbished model for under PS200.
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Chris Gower I would still purchase one now. I do like Samsung phones, even if they are inclined to self-combust.
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Mark Dain -- This is everything wrong with web development in a nutshell; a 3 line static page has **26** JavaScript files, 14 Images, 3 CSS and a lot of other junk too like XHR calls... Words can't even describe the bloat.
Mark Myerson Not even sure how you do that without ripping a hole in space or something...
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Martijn I know, would have been hilarious though.
Mark Myerson I think "terrifying" is the word you're looking for!
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Mark Myerson Just polished off Hostages on BBC Four. The plot lacks a certain realism, but it is still a gripping series. Also, I love subtitled foreign-language TV.
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🐞 Lucian Marin ECG is always changing depending on your heart muscle condition. If you suddenly loose or gain weight, your heart-rhythm won't be the same. I'll love to have a simple solution to the "remember the password" problem.
Mark Myerson Yes, I think it only works if you sync your heart rate every day -- which is just stupid.
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🐞 Lucian Marin Neptune ( can be the next Apple, if they find a way to supercharge that tiny battery.
Mark Myerson I agree -- they way they have completely rethought personal computing is refreshing -- but I just wonder whether one of the tech giants will be able to copy the idea before/just after the Neptune Suite comes to market.
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Eric An experiment into building a user editable layout of text which dynamically avoid over lines of texts, curving around obstacles. This is also my first post to use screen-recorded gifs, and damn they look good. My write up is sub-par but I'm happy here.
Mark Myerson I like your brain
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Eric Only for today, I'm at the CS course applicant day at the university which ends around 5. A meet up in London would be pretty fun, though Sublevel is such a small community (sorry, *growing* community) that I doubt there'd even be 3 attending lol. No doubt I'll be visiting Brighton some more these coming months and hopefully more permanently from September.
Mark Myerson I might be able to make such an event, too :)
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Martijn About a year ago I went back to Safari for day-to-day browsing. Empirically it seemed to boost my battery lift a lot when at university, which is great. I still miss extensions from Firefox/Chrome though, Safari's extension ecosystem really isn't too great.
Mark Myerson Same. Chrome is brilliant, but a monster. More of an OS than a browser, really. Hence, I'm tempted by the Chromebooks.
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Martijn Did anyone buy the new Charlie Hebdo? I was tempted, but in reality, getting a paper in a language I can't read is no help to freedom of press and expression.
Mark Myerson Aren't they producing a special English-language version? But no, I haven't...quite glad that many are, though.
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Mark Dain Happy New Year everyone! What's your resolution? I don't have a concrete one but I'll be trying to fix my motivational problems and progress to being a better person. I hope to have gotten into University or at least found a job where I'm happier by this time next year.
Mark Myerson Get my photography out to a wider audience ( ) and start learning science instead of watching TV.
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Eric Being able to "Russian dance" (dancing while squatting, leg kicks out) is one of those skills I am greatly proud of.
Mark Myerson Much kudos -- my PB is about 10 kicks before an unholy backside-hurting catastrophe occurs...
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Martijn What will everyone be doing for Christmas? Do you celebrate it? Do you celebrate something else?
Mark Myerson Out countryside-walking on Christmas Eve with my girlfriend's family, Christmas Day and Boxing Day at home with my own family: eating, watching films, eating, playing board games and eating (although 25th itself is forecast to be sunny here, might go out again).
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