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Hi everyone. Making my bi-annual visit to Sublevel ;)
Back for my annual visit to Sub Level. Hope everyone is having fun preparing for the big day... or casually ignoring it. :) Here is a picture of some cupcakes!
Is that photo taken by you? I see one similar on this article: diningdevon.com/20... If you don't have rights to the photo, please delete it.
Merry Christmas Sublevellers. Hope you have/had a fantastic day.
Hello Sublevel. Just making my bi-annual return to my favourite social network. Can we now post links? Have seen a couple of imgur links in my travels.
Hello again. No, no links are available to you. You have to come here more often in order to enable links. Just kidding... or not.
Hey! Welcome back!
The biggest improvement as of late is email notifications. Should hopefully keep you coming back more than bi-annually :) Also, private messages.
At bi-annual posting you are doing better than Justin over at twitter.com/jpbimmer
So out of curiosity I downloaded Pokemon Go when it was still unavailable in the UK. I played it for a bit, but realised that it struck an addictive side of my personality that I knew existed. Had I continued, I would be a jobless madman running around waving his phone at imaginary creatures, babbling to himself. Does anyone here play it? Would you admit it?
Some of my friends are mad about it. I've been out with them and turned to say something only to see they're now across the road, under a tree, trying to catch a Pokemon. I got the game the day it came out in the UK and since then I've mostly been unable to play due to server issues. When I have, it's been a novelty but for me it's not that addicting. Maybe it's because all I'm doing right now is walking around to hatch the eggs that are in the incubator.
I would play it instantly if my phone supported it. I would probably also travel around the country on my weekends if it could net me a more diverse number of them. As it is, I am replaying LeafGreen.
I'm waiting for a J2ME version of the game.
Hello Subbers, how are you all?
Welcome back! I'm going back to work after a long Independance Day weekend. Hoping to hit the gym after work.
Still here and still active is how I am! Always nice to see someone return here
Hey! Overall doing okay. You?
Today it is raining. Today I have had enough.
I wonder how many active Sublevellers there who come on at least once a week?
Maybe the statistics from page can be filtered to a more recent time period, but other than that there's no tracking on Sublevel of any kind.
I visit several times a day. I only check the "explore" page every other day or so though.
I am usually on every time, but travelling abroad this week.
I lurk every day, but only post now and then
I hope all you active Sublevellers had a really great new year and festive period.
Hi Sublevel, what is everyone doing for Christmas? Going away? Staying at home?
Staying at home. Probably eating soup, although I heard someone mention pizza.
Staying at home with coffee by my side, and some nagging from mum.
I don't know yet. I'm 6 hours away from home by car, but I'm a student at the US's FAA Academy learning to be an air traffic controller and I'm not sure if I can spare the time away from studying.
I'm going to my parents' home. Just so I can eat the best food in the entire known Universe. Maybe I get a present or two -- wishful thinking.
Staying at home, most likely studying: there's a rumour about an exam the day after.
will be celebrating Christmas at my in-laws
Ooh stuff on Sublevel has changed
The first day back after leave, the last hour. The longest hour.
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