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👽 Paul Webb Has anyone tried the new Firefox? It's friggin' amazing. Like, I'll switch to it tmrw from Vivaldi good. Obviously, it's still in beta so some things need fixing but I'm liking it a lot.
Nkrs I tried it on my Windows 7 machine at work and it feels like it was designed for a completely different operating system. It's not bad but it feels like they just copied Edge's interface.
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🐞 Lucian Marin But a web app manifest is enough on Android.
Nkrs I know and that was my initial thought, but two points: they want to have an application in the Play store, and more importantly, the web app that we're pointing our mobile app to is closed source - there's basic customitation to change the logo and some colors, but no way to edit the HTML to add the link to the manifest file.
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Nkrs New work assignment for this week: build an Android app. Never done it before but all it needs to do is load the mobile view from our web app which seems like an easy task.
🐞 Lucian Marin But a web app manifest is enough on Android.
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Mark Dain You monster
Nkrs If a .NET developer tells you he has a project with X lines of code, you can bet that 1/3 of those lines of code are dedicated to curly braces.
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Nkrs I am not the guy who customizes his programming tools to the extreme levels, but there is a short list of things I usually do, one of which is making sure that Visual Studio stops putting curly braces on separate lines.
Mark Dain You monster
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Nkrs YouTube's new design is awful. I keep getting the "Unresponsive script" warning even on the front page and it gets slower the further I go.
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🐞 Lucian Marin What static file generator will you use?
Nkrs Nanoc, I've used it for other projects before and I can reuse a lot of the code.
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Nkrs Got a neat project at work: convert a small site from an outdated .NET CMS into static pages.
🐞 Lucian Marin What static file generator will you use?
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Nkrs Continuing the story of , today I was greeted with message "Welcome to Snapchat" in my email inbox, and I assume it's from the same person.
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Nkrs I think I am making good progress with my WebKit/GTK library for Go. There's one more thing to add which is the ability to define functions in Go that can be called from JavaScript, for doing things that are not available as a browser API (reading/writing files, talking to Go libraries etc).
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Eric Are you not worried about the size of the resulting application? Electron apps are always behemoths in size & chew resources.
Nkrs I'm not using Electron, just something like it. Go can call C code so I'm making it call GTK and WebKit libraries. The resulting size of my test executable file, which displays a simple "hello world" page is just under 2MB which is standard for basic Go executables ( From what I understand, Electron bundles the entire Chromium browser, but my solution links GTK and WebKit dynamically from the system so the resulting binary size is small.
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Nkrs Working on an extremely minimal C binding between GTK+WebKit and Go for building a desktop application. It's somewhat similar to what the Electron framework is doing, but without Node and C++; I only want a window and an empty canvas, nothing more.
Eric Are you not worried about the size of the resulting application? Electron apps are always behemoths in size & chew resources.
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🐞 Lucian Marin I wish YouTube or SoundCloud use machine learning to actually recommend similar sounding tracks. Recommendations are still based on what people liked.
Nkrs did the same thing, and what's worse, they didn't disambiguate artists who had the same name, so their recommendations were always hit and miss. It had groups though, where you could ask for recommendations from other listeners and fans; that was always the best way to find new music there.
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Nkrs Current jam: "Chalice Hymnal" by Grails (
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Mark Dain Huh that's interesting - can you explain? Do you embed source code in the document with syntax highlighting? That sounds pretty cool. I'd like to be able to include graphs, maybe as an image from gnuplot but I know you can do some shapes like chemical structures directly in LaTeX. It's a really awesome system!
Nkrs Yes, I am doing exactly that. My entire program sits in one Matlab file in a separate directory, and I use the Minted package (which in turn calls Pygments for syntax highlighting) to display relevant snippets which I cut out of the original source file by specifying the starting and ending line. You can do graphs directly in LaTeX using the TikZ package which I think is included by default in many LaTeX distributions:
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Mark Dain I'm really starting to like LaTeX since I started playing with it last weekend.
Nkrs It really starts to pay off once you take advantage of the libraries and methods. I'm keeping my thesis in sync with the source code of the accompanying program because the .tex file is linked directly to the source file. It takes only a couple of seconds to rebuild the PDF file, mostly because it is doing syntax highlighting for an 800 line program.
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