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Alson Kaw The main problem designers and web developers face now is that anyone nowadays can create a design / website. But doing it right, is hard.
🏒 Lucian Marin I noticed this trend a few years ago. I was a pretty good web/ui designer for a few years. Then I decided to re-learn programming, built Sublevel and now I have a full-time job as a software engineer. I still think design is better than code, but it's hard to explain to someone why a design is better than other. With code it's easier because it does or doesn't do what the end user is asking.
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Kjk Launched dbHero at
Alson Kaw That's beautiful!
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Alson Kaw Never, ever, ever let them call you a "creative". It's a way to be disenfranchised. You are a designer. It's not magic, it's a trade. -- Mike Monteiro
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🏒 Lucian Marin I started out as a designer. I remember spending the nights designing all kinds of stuff in Photoshop. Now all I do is code because no one is giving credit to design anymore. Want to design a site? Get WordPress and a theme. Want to design an app? Get Bootstrap. Want to design a logo? Get a web font.
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🏒 Lucian Marin Ordered an OnePlus X. I hope I won't hate Android or the bigger size.
Alson Kaw I already dislike the new iPhone 6's size. :(
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🚌 Carl Just created an account. Hi.
Alson Kaw Hey! Welcome aboard SubLevel :D
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Dongsung Kim It looks pretty nice, very new from Blizzard. The cinematic trailer is simply top notch. I thought I was watching a Dreamworks animation or something, and it's dubbed in so many languages!
Alson Kaw Yes! It's definitely not Blizzard's style to come up with something so... "cute", for a lack of better words.
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Eric Bought flowers as a friendly gesture to a girl Im not dating, theyre delivered this afternoon. This can either go right or really wrong. Yikes.
Alson Kaw What was your exact thought process on this gesture? Haha! But I wish you all the best!
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D2 looks nice, but I prefer inconsolata (
Alson Kaw What's wrong with Source Code Pro?
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Eric Office 2003 has OCR built in.. who knew? I wish I did 24 months ago ffs.
Alson Kaw Wait what? So I can throw in a PDF and it'll turn it into a words doc for me?
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Eric Sublevel doesn't seem so active anymore. Has the thrill of a new toy passed for some?
Alson Kaw I totally forgot about sublevel until someone pointed it out after searching for my name on Google.
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Shilezi huh!(like in metal gear solid security guards) lol
Burensasub Would it be considered gauche to use hashtags on here? Are they even supported?
Alson Kaw I'm pretty sure are supported.
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Eric Radio plays that song so often. Always fun.
Alson Kaw It's like the go-to retro song.
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Alson Kaw I just got Rick Roll'd at the supermarket. Who'd have thought?
Eric Radio plays that song so often. Always fun.
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Alson Kaw So much things to learn, so little time. Too much distractions!
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Burensasub I'm also trying out Sublevel and seeing how I like it. Best of luck!
Alson Kaw Thank you! I hope you enjoy it here.
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